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Coach Rosario


Certification and Education:
-M.S Masters of Science in Exercise Science emphasis in Biomechanics
-B.S Kinesiology emphasis in Physical Therapy
- CSCS - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
-USAW-Weightlifitng Club Coach
-USAW-Level 2 Advanced Sport Performance
-USATF-Level 2 in Jumps
-USATF-Level 2 in Multievents
-USATF-Level 1 Instructor
-CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
-CrossFit Coaches Prep
-CrossFit Olympic Lifting
-CrossFit Kettlebell
-CrossFit Elite Head Coach and Athlete
-PNF Certified
-NFHS National Federation of High School
-ASICS Elite Athlete and Ambassador

"History is making a positive difference in someone's life each day I am alive"- I believe that is my purpose in this world and a higher power has given me the strength, support and opportunities to continue seeking this gift. I am thankful.

Rosario Rios-Aguilar was born in Mexico, DF and raised in Chiapas, a jungle like town far south in Mexico where she found her love for athletics at the age of four. Rosario has learned throughout the years to embody the spirit of sports, a passion for athletics and striving to become the best at whatever she sets her mind to. Coming from a well disciplined, athletic family Rosario developed her skills as her family planted the seed of work ethic; consistency, intensity, unity, discipline and heart.

During her adolescent life in Mexico, Rosario was a member of the Junior National Basketball team and was also crowned Mexico's Tae Kwon Do Junior National Champion. In search of better opportunities, Rosario and her family moved to California when she was just thirteen years old. Coming to the United States without any knowledge of the English language did not keep Rosario from pursing her athletic passions. Without hesitation, Rosario demonstrated and implemented her work ethic in high school athletics as she played basketball for Berkeley High School and El Rancho High School.

After high school, Rosario became a member of the Rio Hondo Community College basketball team where she helped capture the Foothill Conference title. Rosario also participated in the Track and Field at Rio Hondo program where she became Conference Champion in the high jump, 100 hurdles and heptathlon. She also broke and still holds seven school records: 400m, 100 hurdles, 200m, javelin, heptathlon, 400m hurdles and hammers. Because of these accomplishments Rosario was recognized as Rio Hondo's Athlete of the year in 2006.

After receiving her Associates of Science Degree from Rio Hondo College, Rosario transferred to Whittier College where she also became a member of the schools basketball and track & field teams. During her time at Whittier College Rosario continued to make her presence known. This time Rosario earned the title of Co-Captain of her basketball team. Rosario led Whittier College to a conference championship and was named 2nd team all conference in women's basketball and the title of Most Valuable Player in 2008. Once basketball season came to an end, Rosario dedicated all of her athletic efforts to the Track and Field team at Whittier College, where she holds three school records and made 1st team All Conference for women's track and field 2008. Rosario also captured the SCIAC title in the 400 hurdles, finished 1st in the state of California as a heptathlete while ranking 9th in the country. Rosario qualified to compete in the NCAA Track and Field Championships, where she finished 11th. . She was able to manage finishing her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology graduating in the honors society.

Rosario's college career was prominent, especially in basketball as she was asked to play professionally overseas for News Release Basketball team in Germany during the summer of 2009. After playing internationally, Rosario returned to the United States to pursue and expand her educational Knowledge and experience obtaining her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition at Cal State University Long Beach. Her love for athletic knowledge has helped her accumulated various certifications and positions, adding to her experience.

Rosario has not only made her mark as an athlete, but more importantly as a coach and mentor to many athletes. Utilizing her extensive experience, Rosario has found her self molding and guiding many individuals as they pursue their own goals. She is also an instructor for Coaching Education for USA Track and Field where she is able to apply her expertise on biomechanics and multievents.

Many high schools, colleges, university's and private athletic gyms have sought after Rosario for her diverse teaching and mentoring abilities. Most recently Rosario has worked as a strength and conditioning coach at Schurr High School, CSULB and UCLA. Currently she is working as an assistant coach for the track and field team at Whittier College, working the multievents & hurdles and also for the ASICS corporation serving as an Elite Athlete and Ambassador for this Brand. She has several training commercials as well as training collection input in future development of the brand and science base shoe design.

Rosario's knowledge of fitness, nutrition and training along with her ability to connect with people from all backgrounds is her greatest strength. Since she has been in the fitness and sports industry as a personal trainer, performance specialist and motivational coach/speaker for over ten years; Her expertise on athletic performance, power training, balance/postural correction, sports medicine, speed training, weightlifting, and martial arts make her one of the best in everything she works with.

Rosario is a very disciplined athlete who knows what it takes to get to the next level. She lays the foundation of proper nutrition and balance in order to provide herself and her athletes with the ability to stay healthy and train at high intensities and various levels. Rosario has high expectations for all her pupils as well as for herself and lives everyday day life with a purpose. She wants to radiate and transfer knowledge to her clients and athletes on how to become the best they can be as well as providing the tools needed to become more than average. Rosario's philosophy on training is train with high intensity, train smart, you can't train hard if you don't properly recover, no excuses for feeding your body, soul and mind.

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Coach Jenna


Jenna Stark grew up in Brea, California; this is where she was presented with the opportunity to play a variety of different sports. She played as many different sports as possible including softball, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, hockey, volleyball, and dance. She found a passion for sports and a love in pursing excellence in everything she did.

As Jenna Stark developed into a young adult she focused on Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball and played them all competitively on Club Teams. These teams were focused on championships. Jenna learned to compete and train in a way that leads to being the very best. She led her Club Volleyball Team to the Junior Olympics at the Gold level as the starting middle. She was also finding great success in her softball career, where Division I schools started making offers for her to continue her career at their school.

As she made her presence known as a well-rounded athlete she had the opportunity to attend Orange Lutheran High School, a private school in Orange County that is known for their success in athletics.  As she represented her school in both volleyball and softball, she simultaneously was playing on an 18 Gold Travel Softball Team, and a 16u Gold Volleyball Team.

It was at this time that she was invited to attend the Adidas Futures National Softball Camp for the Top 100 Recruits In The Country.

Aside from her athletic success she was recognized as a great potential leader and was invited to attend the National Future Leaders of America Convention in Washington DC. She was named Captain of her softball team her senior year as she worked with her team to go deep into the CIF playoffs, one of the most competitive softball regions in the Country.

After her freshman year she transferred to Texas A&M to further pursue her softball career. This gave her the opportunity to compete in the best conference in the country. The SEC represents the best athletes in the country in every single sport and she was pushed to her limits.  She went from a walk on athlete to the starting second baseman and a scholarship athlete in her time at Texas A&M. Her team Finished 8th in the Country her Junior Year with a very talented team and made a run for the National Championship. She finished her business degree at A&M and was admitted into an advance program with two minors in both Sports Management as well as Psychology.

She found love in this sport and saw the amazing benefit it can bring for athletes. She got her Level 1 Certification in 2012, and her USA Weightlifting certification in 2015.

She will be able to apply her Business Degree as well as her vast experience with Division I Athletics to her career in CrossFit. She is the most passionate about enjoying the process of getting healthier and stronger every single day!

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Coach Jason

coach jason

Jason grew up in a small costal farm town in Northern California called Eureka. Growing up in the heart of the Redwood forest there was always a lot today to as a kid. Hiking, biking, running or just exploring, there was never many days spent indoors. One of his favorite past times would be when it was pouring rain and he could explore the closed logging roads on his bike.

Mud, rain sleet, snow or the occasional sunny day would not stop the adventures.

Growing up in a small town there was lots of opportunity for sports in high school with 1 on 1 training and game time experience. He excelled in both football and track, with an emphasis on track and long distance. He was drawn more towards running for the induvial experience and relying on improving yourself.

After high school, he moved to Southern California to purse larger dreams in the big city. However, with an overload of new places, food, and people he began to lose sight of his fitness goals and became comfortable at his new job in sales. He was still a typical runner who enjoyed the run through the city or on the beach, but was just going through the motions. The passion for fitness and motivation was slipping, he was simply exercising and not training.

In the summer of 2013 he had a realization that he was to comfortable and needed a change, needed a challenge, and needed to get back into his training, so he started to do obstacle races. First it was the Tough Mudder with a group of friends, but wanted more so he completed his Spartan Trifecta in both 2014 and 2015.

Then in the beginning of 2015 an opportunity arose to try out CrossFit and he was up for the challenge, so he tried his first CrossFit class. Instantly falling in love with not only the daily challenges of the workout, but the amazing community or DRS. Never looking back, he fell head over heels into the CrossFit community. He even competed in his first CrossFit competition with friends in the fall of 2016.

The next step in his life happened when the first Coaching Education Program was born where he happily attended and graduated within the program. While in the DRS Coaching program he was also able to complete his CrossFit Level 1. It reminded him why he was into fitness and not only to better ones own life, but of those around you and to share the joy of living an active healthy life. To be able to help all ranges of skill from the beginner starting their first day all the way to someone experienced.

He is still learning new skills and techniques and always up for a new challenge. Last as a coach always committed to build a better community sharing his knowledge and building better people.

“There is never enough time to do all the nothing you want” Calvin and Hobbes

Coach Alicia

coach alicia

Alicia Domercq was born and raised in Huntington Beach California. As a child she grew up playing many sports and constantly trying to keep up with her two brothers. At the age of 2, Alicia was enrolled into a Mommy and Me gymnastics program and took a liking to the sport immediately. For the next 12 years she was a dedicated and competitive gymnast. She found her passion for teaching gymnastics at the age of 14. She continued to coach gymnastics and tumbling for 12 years to children and adults of all age and skill levels.

Instead of pursuing gymnastics, Alicia decided to fully commit to playing club and high school soccer. She has passion team sports and loved playing defense for these teams. Her junior year in high school she decided to try diving. Her gymnastics background helped her excel in the sport of diving as she started and finished diving on the varsity dive team.

After stepping away from sports, Alicia was introduced to Krav Maga. She loved the intense training that the self-defense system had to offer. She loved it so much that she got her first instructor certification in February 2008. She loved teaching self-defense to both kids and adults. She received her Black Belt in May of 2016 and has been teaching all ages for the past 9 years.

For a short while in 2009 Alicia had moved to North Carolina. Due to the lack of Krav Maga schools in her area and unmotivated by what a traditional gym had to offer, Alicia decided to try Crossfit. She fell in love with it immediately even though her first week workouts included a 10k row and the benchmark workout Karen. Shortly thereafter Alicia moved back to California where she was looking to continue her Krav Maga and CrossFit journey. Sporadic in her training for the first couple of years and finally becoming a very consistent and dedicated athlete she was beginning to see the results she had desired. When Alicia began to love her training instead of showing up to workout she started to excel. She has competed in several local competitions as well as several years in the CrossFit open placing in the top 200 of her region.

Alicia loves that CrossFit is a good baseline to keep her fit and healthy to continue to be active in all that she enjoys outside of the gym. In her spare time she loves to spend her time snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and spending time with her nephew.

In 2016 she decided that she wanted to share her passion and journey with others in the DRS Community. She completed the DRS Coaching Education Program knowing that the experience she has in the sport of CrossFit and the passion she has for helping others would work hand in hand to carry out the DRS Motto of “Building Better People”

Coach James

coach james

James Gonzales was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California. He graduated from Huntington Beach High School in 2006 where he was part of the Academy for the performing Arts and later attended Orange Coast College studying Business and Computer Sciences.

In 2011 James was looking for a complete health lifestyle change, embarking on his own weight loss journey. That's when he had found his passion for fitness. Losing a total of 75 pounds and 20% body fat within one year of strict dieting and exercise, he had a complete new outlook on life.

In 2015 James wanted to try out something new and that would challenge him even further. That's where he found his love for Crossfit at DRS Athletics. The coaches and members have changed his life in ways he never thought of. That's when James decided he wanted to take part in the Coaching Education Program. He wanted to help others reach their fitness goals and strive to be the best version of themselves they could be.

Outside of work and training James loves to travel, often spending time in New York, his home away from home. He likes to try new restaurants, likes to shop and attend live shows - concerts, live theater and is also a big gamer.

Other than coaching at DRS, James is responsible for leading a team of over 50 team members in logistics retail management with almost 10 years of leadership experience. Specializing in talent management and accountability he has helped promote many people to reach their personal work goals.

James hopes to continue on this path of learning all about fitness, health and overall well-being and to help as many people as possible in this wonderful community.

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