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Our Story


The beginning of DRS Athletics is rather ordinary. It started with just a group of passionate people who stumbled upon each other, but the combination turned out to be extraordinary.

Rosario found CrossFit after she had completed her time as a full time athlete, both amateur and professional. She had been in the CrossFit world for some time when Donna and Jenna crossed her path in Huntington Beach.

Jenna was a Sophomore at Texas A&M University when she was told by her head coach that she would potentially be making the change from 1st base to 2nd base. That might seem insignificant to some, but to her it meant the need to be quicker, faster, and more explosive than ever before to even have a chance. She thought CrossFit would be the answer to all of her questions. In hindsight it was a decision that changed her life in the best way possible.

Jenna sent her mom, Donna Stark, on a research mission, as they like to call it in the Stark house, to go find the very best coach at the very best CrossFit gym in Huntington Beach. After speaking with multiple coaches, they walked in and met Rosario, not even bothering to check with the rest of the names on the list. They knew that they had found the right person.

Donna Stark quickly got involved and learned the business side of CrossFit. She really can not help herself, this is just what she does best in life. She quickly made a  business run more efficiently, falling in love with CrossFit in every aspect. The Starks became interwoven in the community instantly. They spend their mornings learning snatching and double-unders from Rosario, and their afternoons separating and organizing client filing systems.

It was pretty clear that the friendship and bond the three had was a match made in heaven. They all had a common goal to help the people around them live a healthy life full of joy, and to help anyone and everyone to leave the gym a better, healthier, more well rounded person than when they came in. When you have three people with a common goal with all different backgrounds and strengths, it's amazing what can happen.

The three knew that they wanted to open a CrossFit box and athletic facility where they could make anyone feel at home, so the journey of DRS Athletics began. They knew that they wanted to be able to have a facility where an elite athlete could train, as well as someone who has not touched a weight in 30 years could find a family. This was a very clear vision that they had in mind when they started their journey. They started with no name, no home, and nothing more than a passion in their hearts to build something truly unique. Three years in the making, six months to find a location, four months to find a name, and DRS Athletics is ready to fulfill the dream they had all those years ago. The most exciting part for them is, that this is just the beginning. They would love nothing more than for you to be apart of the rest of their story, and allow them the pleasure of being a positive chapter in yours.

If you'd like to experience what being a part of our community is like, come check us out.


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