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DRS Strong Week 143: 3 simple steps to create good movement patterns!

" Never allow waiting to become a habit. Your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failure."

        As we approach Week 2 of The Chad Attack we were heavily focusing on lung capacity and shocking the system in a way to promote a good enough stimulus last week. This week we will be focusing on creating positive HABITS and movement patterns that will allow for repeated heavy doubles in some of the lifts like Snatches. It is one thing to lift heavy for one rep but being able to repeat the lift for a second rep is a different animal. Creating good habits and movement patterns allows for your brain and muscles to have muscle memory and understand the stimulus that will be happening that day. It is important to be consistent on your movements regardless of weight, volume or intensity. Let me explain this further in the next steps.

3 simple steps to help promote good habits and repeated movement patterns.

1) CONSISTENCY: being consistent with your movements is key in order to promote muscle memory. For example if you are doing squats, ANY squats, whether they are air squats, front squats, back squats, overheadsquats, goblet squats, etc. Your stance should be close to the same length and form, unless we are working sumo or different starting positions. This allows your body to get used to the range of motion (ROM) in that stance, which can then transfer to other lifts in catching positions, etc.

2) REMINDER: have a reminder when it comes to your movements. For example during deadlifts if you are one of those people that forget to reverse the movement when you touch and go and the bar starts moving away from you. Try and line up the bar with the shoelace closest to the the toe box of your shoe and if you were to pause at the bottom, you should be able to see the shoelace over the barbell. Have reminders that help you reset and allow you to get back to good mechanics and technique.

3) CONSCIOUSLY MAKE THE DECISION TO MOVE/BE BETTER: sometimes moving better mechanically and with good technique is harder at first. Most of us grow up with poor mechanics and bad posture or unconscious ways of moving, so our body wants to default to what it knows. WE HAVE to override that command by consciously telling ourselves the movement pattern we want to take even if at first doesn't feel as efficient. It gets better with time and effort and once you reset that command, the movement becomes easier and your performance goes up as well. This can apply also when you are in bed or tired after work and you are mentally deciding that " screw it" is better than ok I feel tired but I am going to get up and get to the gym or make dinner, etc. You are resetting that mentallity and doing a more positive routine which then turns into a habit!
I truly believe that this last one is one of the most important ones because it relates to the mentality of people. It always goes back to using your mind to command your body. There is a way to do things.

THE BEST YOU CAN or MEDIOCRE? YOU CHOOSE your way. Just remember if you choose "ahh ill do it better tomorrow" that tomorrow becomes the next day and the day after that and eventually a bad habit. So let's not do that hahaha. CHOOSE DO THE BEST YOU CAN FOR THAT DAY!!! DEAL???  Ok good ! haha
Ok that is enough about good habits! lets break old habits even if they take long! ITS WORTH IT!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario 

"Sometimes when Mr. G jumps on the prowler and he says to push him, you just do hahaha! " Thanks for the love G and Coach James!

DRS Strong Week 137: The power of protein!

"The food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison" - Ann Wigmore
        We all have heard that extra protein builds extra muscle and strength. WRONG, training builds muscle and with the right amount of protein and other macronutrients you can develop and build a solid frame. On this blog, I am not going to write a meal plan  but instead some suggestions on your protein intake during the day. I am hoping to help clear some myths and help you understand the importance of this macronutrient. Just remember a balance nutrition comes with an understanding of your own body and what works for each of you. Every single person has their own blueprint on how they body works, reponds and metabolizes certain foods. The one thing that is common in everyone is that you have to put in the effort, committment and dedication long enough to feel physiological changes as well as physical changes in your body.

        One important aspect when thinking of nutrition is the goal you are approaching. What do you want to achieve by changing or modifying your food habits? Are you eating for performance? For aesthetics? to prevent illness? competition? decrease body fat? regardless of what your goal is, the healthier and more balance you eat the more of all these goals combined you can have. There are several things I would like to discuss about protein..

1. How much protein to do I eat?
the rough guidelines are:
  • 0.5g/kg body weight – this is the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein. It’ll keep you alive and in general health. It is literally the minimum.
  • 0.5-1.0g/kg body weight – this is a higher range mostly used by health-conscious people or people who are new to exercise and are trying to build some muscle.
  • 1.0-1.5g/kg – this is the range which tends to be recommended for building muscle and reaching your athletic goals.
  • 1.5-2.2g/kg (1g/lb) – recommended based on anecdotal evidence, but extremely under-researched (the highest dose recommended being around 1.8g/kg- this is still being researched up to 3.1/kg with calorie deficient people
 2. Am I eating too much protein and is it bad for my kidneys?
-Usually most people are not getting enough protein in their diet, or at least not lean enough with out adding the extra calories with them. Think of it like a carne asada burrito yea tons of calories but the actually grams of protein is low compared to a 4x2 at in and out protein style..haha now dont go an eat this every day haha
If you eat a little bit more than suggested you will be fine. Your body will eliminate what it doesnt need, One thing though, you cannot rely on protein only for overall calorie intake.

3. What proteins are better, Paleo or Whey Protein Powders?
-There are several types of protein powders, the best would be having it from a food source such as animal derived products but sometimes you need the extra protein shake when you dont want to chew on a T bone right after training.

Whey Protein:
-it is a component from dairy protein, it can come in a concentrate manner  which can vary from 35-80% protein by weight, whey isolate 90% and hydrolized form which is broken down (amino acids) so the absorbtion rate is higher.

This one was referred to me by Yvonne Tait and is one of my favorite ones right now, I try and have most of my nutrients from real food, you cant beat that. I dont take pre-workouts or anything to that sort so having quality food is crucial for training and for overall energy. If you can self motivate to train then you are not in the right mindset.

Soy Protein:

-This kind of protein is derived from soy beans, there are some scientifically factors that I will not go into detail. But this will not affect any males testosterone levels because of the selective estrogen modulators (SERMs) found in soy protein. Myth is that soy causes negative impact on testosterone levels. Fact is that this can only be affected if you combined everything else wrong (exercise, diet and sleep) with soy protein. This protein has not been researched enough to say that the isoflavones are estrogenic enough to cause any problems. Now for PALEO lovers, no it is NOT PALEO. Most of the soy products make in the US now are genetically modified and are sprayed with herbicide round up. Which is a whole different topic on health effects. At least we know that because of the demand on soy products the care on the product has diminished and its full of GMOs.

Hemp Protein:
-Derived from hempseeds and no it does not contain THC-the most active component of marijuana haha. It is mostly good for extra fiber and some omega-3s and omega-6s

Rice/Pea Protein:
-categorized as a vegan protein and is as simple as being a good alternative if you are lactose intolerant.

Egg Protein:
-derived from eggs in a powder form, another good alternative if you are lactose. Nothing fancy just think almost of liquid eggs or powder eggs

this is not too bad for an egg and beef protein but to be honest I love eggs and steak or anything where I dont want my protein supplement to take away from that feeling haha

Beef Protein:

-processed beef into a powder form. One downside is that having an actual steak has different nutrients like creatine, carnosine, beta-alanine and others that most powders dont add back in when processing it into the powder form. Is it PALEO? yes if its grass fed but you wont really know the source of how they feed the cows. Unless the whey and beef protein comes from NEW ZEALAND where EVERYTHING IS GRASS FED AND FREE RANGE!! its awesome haha


4. Do I have to be a bodybuilder or an elite athlete to drink a protein  supplement?
NO! Everyone can benefit from a clean product to get in your daily protein. It depends on the product because a lot of them contain hidden  ingredients and high sugar. One rule of thumb I tell people is that if your nutrition is already poor, adding a protein shake is not going to cure your habits but can actually add more sugar and crap daily. First is eat clean, simple, often and fresh.

6. Should I replace my protein shake for a meal?

7. Should I only eat protein and have a low carb diet?
-NO! the other nutrients are very important as well but like I said before for general population is different then when having specific goals at different phases of training. For the most part to be healthy and look good, having a proper balanced macronutrients is key. 

8. Is protein going to help me lose fat?
-If you are replacing the Mcdonalds burguer for a protein shake, yes it will help. If you are eating shakes on top of everything else..NO! Now by having the right amount of protein yes it can definitely help burn fat. When wanting to reduce body fat and keep muscle then yes protein plays a huge role and we can discuss this in person because like I said before everyone needs their own blueprint for nutrition and training.

9. do i take protein before, during or after my workout? Well this is a great discussion but usually is best to have protein before and after compared to just after. Now are you going to take 25g of protein before and 25g of protein after? mmm probably not because your body needs to be able to digest it. Some carbohydrates after the workout and protein is the way to go. Now remember more studies about timining, different macronutrients before and after are being done so things do change and evolve. But as of now at least try and get half protein before and half after.

10. I want to gain muscle mass..more protein?? not necessarily, your body can only process so much and for more gains you also need to use other nutrients to keep muscle mass higher. For muscle maintance and cutting then its about the regular 1 to 1.5g/kg but still remember thats for more general population. For athletes that have high demand on their sport it can go up to 1.8-2.5g/kg

Real fresh food is the best source where you can get your leanest protein and high quality =) enjoy your protein and keep getting strong! Also for anyone that has more specific questions or goals, we can set up a consultation to get you where you want to be. Just let me know :) 
Hope this blog helps you expand your mind a bit and have some understanding of what a powerful macronutrient protein is =)

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"tell me you dont like flexing haha"

DRS Strong Week 133: Be patient but proactive at the same time!

"Two things can define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything."

      Some days you will feel like the hulk and other days you might just  need an extra PUMP!! This week will test how proactive and patient you are with your movements.

THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS:  Be proactive on what you are not good at!

      Ok so what do I mean about how proactive you are being? For example, we all have certain movements that are more diffficult than others. Some come more natural because of our background, body type, past injuries, sports, flexibility and strength. So we tend to like the ones we are good at, which is totally normal. Now, the good thing is that you don't have to program for yourself, so my job is to program enough variety to help you through different physical skills and prepare you for anything. Yours would be to do your homework and be proactive in terms of stretching, cooling down, working on mobility, and skills that you can do extra reps at home. 5- 10 minutes a day will create a difference when it comes to getting better in any specific movement or lift. Sometimes we don't really know what to do to get better or if we are doing too much which is becoming counterproductive so make sure to ask so I can help the best I can.
        All of this builds patience and gives you that extra PUMP you need those days when certain movements are truly a challenge! So let this week be the one you work on your PATIENCE while being PROACTIVE , we are here for you! It takes time to develop good quality movements =)



Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes... I am always watching hahah"
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DRS Strong Week 130: Mechanics over everything!


       THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK is to LOOK good while training. At the end of the day if your mechanics are poor, it will catch up to you. no LONGEVITY!!! look good when you move weight, when you do pull ups, when you row. CREATE that muscle memory and be a MACHINE!!


1. Control your breathing: If you allow your breathing to get out of control, then your mind will think you are more tired than what you usually are. DON'T BREATHE AS HARD AS YOU ARE WORKING!

2. FOCUS on the movement and not how sucky or hard an exercise is. Learning to teach your brain that what you are doing is for a purpose, it will quickly go from "THIS SUCKS" to "I AM DOING WELL, PICK UP THE BAR, SQUAT, PRESS, BREATHE, ETC"

3.  Mechanics are developed when you move with purpose. If you go through the motions, your brain and body will as well. There has to be a purpose of why you are moving a certain way. For example: In the squats, there is a purpose why we go below 90 degrees and we hit depth, because your hips are meant to go through full range of motion. If you have lost that range of motion due to injuries or surgeries, the purpose would be to try and regain strength and range of motion in a healthier way that you couldn't previous to the injury.
When we hit a target during a wall ball, we are creating repetition on our accuracy, you are developing skills that you would not necessarily practice on your own outside of DRS, so maximize your training here and apply it out there !!


Keep up the good work and finish strong on the CrossFit Open 2017! last week!!!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I channel my inner gymnast hahah NOT.. #basketballplayer"

DRS Strong Week 125 & 126: Are you taking care of your fitness?


        THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS: Take care of your fitness by using it! One of the hardest things for people that want to get in shape is to start training. So let's just say that you are already into a good routine and your training program is going well. HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR FITNESS?
I will give you 3 simple things you can do to make sure your fitness is not suffering once established.
If you haven't start, then hopefully this can help you to get you GOING as well!

YES we all like to look good naked right? WELL WE LIKE TO LOOK GOOD IN CLOTHES AS WELL. So pick something you haven't been able to wear either because is too big, or too small and hang it where you see it daily. Make it a point to see it everyday and give yourself a timeline that you will put it on and feel very good about it.

Being healthy is not just drinking supplements and working out. Being healthy is using your fitness to help you make changes in your life that can prolong or help you have QUALITY OF LIFE.
For example: Use your fitness to motivate you to stop putting so much sugar in your coffee, or to help you drop that SODA a day or maybe instead of a glass of wine every dinner, you drink a protein shake haha! But you guys get the point. Healthier choices!

3. SOCIAL: You can use your fitness to partake in recreational sport leagues, or go to the beach and play volleyball with your friends, when maybe before you were not as comfortable in those settings. GO OUT AND DO PHYSICAL HOBBIES! This helps you be around different kinds of people and expands your horizons.

        Using your fitness is not only about the gainz and how much weight you can lift ( eventhough we all love that) but its about using the strength, flexibility, stamina to do other things with family, friends, work, etc. Grow the best OAK TREE for your own body and USE your fitness to live life to the fullest :)

       This week the CrossFit Open workouts begin!!! and we will be doing them in all the classes fridays for the next 5 weeks! We have been preparing in various uncomfortable workouts through out the year and very specifically in the last 6 weeks. We hope to see a lot of you guys register regardless of where you are in your fitness ! Let's have some fun and LET'S USE OUR FITNESS WE WORK SO HARD TO GET!!!

Week 124

Week 125

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes the sacrifices made are well worth every second of your time" Thank you all that come and support any of the DRS events, comps, etc! We appreciate you beyond words :)

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DRS Strong Week 124: Mental Victories Fuel the Soul!!


        The focus of this week is MENTAL VICTORY! We will start the week with a fun grueling grinder kind of workout. This is to put you out of your comfort zone not just physically but mentally. The stimulus is meant to be heavy and long. If your technique allows, go heavier than what you think and us coaches will help you pick the right weight. Like I mentioned before, training helps you shape your body but your mind as well. The feeling after those kind of workouts should not be of "welll that sucked". PERHAPS it did suck but you embrace the suck and you have acquired a mental victory by knowing that you did it and never done it before.

        A mental victory is when you think you can't do it but you do and you might not realize how at the moment. But once you have a moment to reflect then you know " wow, I freaking did it! as hard as it was I did it" The main thing to take away from that experience is that your mind now has a different limit capacity and you are building the work capacity not just of your physical ability but your mental strength as well.
       Continue to accumulate mental victories because thats how you get strong! by chipping away and knowing that you are better than what you were yesterday, by not quitting and by moving through a hard time!
A mental victory shapes your mind for what is next :)


Thank you to each one of you that came to participate, to cheer, to help out and to be part of this amazing community. We are beyond grateful for every one of you. GRACIAS!!!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes it feels unreal to be surrounded by such great human beings, but then you realize this is real life haha"

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DRS Strong Week 123: Do you log in your workouts, nutrition and sleep consistently? 10 reasons why you should!!


        We are on week 4 of The Chad Attack Open Prep! As hard as some of the workouts have been, remember that your body adapts to the stimulus given once that happens then change needs to happen again. If you push your body then recover it well ( with proper food and sleep) then it will continue to grow and develop on what you want.
NOTE: If you are competing in the AMIGO COMPETITION take friday as an easier day and show up saturday by 8am ready to go!! COMPETITION STARTS AT 9AM!

10 reasons why you should be logging your workouts, nutrition and sleep.

1. Logging what you eat, what you did on your workout and how you felt that day allows you to be accountable and physically write what you are working on.

2. It teaches you self discipline in creating a diary of what you are fueling your body, how you are managing the workouts and your recovery.

3. We CANNOT rely solely on our memory because you will forget what weight, reps, time, etc you did 3 weeks ago. Having a WOD book or a log diary, it allows you to look back day 1 or the day before. There will be no, "Did I squat eight reps with 330 pounds on my last squat workout, or was it seven?" Refer to your journal and you will see precisely know what you did last time i.e. what you need to improve on if you are ready to make your next workout a step forward!

4. Logging what you eat you can see if your breakfast is giving you the enough fuel to start the day or if you are giving your body the proper replenishment after training.

5. You don’t have to be a competitive athlete to log your training and nutrition. Everyone should do it. Being accountable of living a healthier lifestyle comes with discipline and commitment. There are no short cuts.

6. Writing down the workouts you did can allow you to almost grade yourself on how you did that day. I am talking about the effort and if you gave the best you could that day. Maybe you couldn’t because your baby kept you up at night or you worked all night. If that was the case, maybe next day goal is sleeping 8 hours and do a better job on staying mentally strong during a workout.

7. This one piggybacks to the previous one. Not everyday you are going to feel like the HULK. Everyday will be different and being able to look back on when you felt the best is important in the present. You can see what made you feel like that. It can be what you ate, how you slept, how you warmed up, etc.

8. Logging in nutrition is very important. We all tend to “forget” we ate those Oreos or the bowl of Cereal haha. The log won’t. It wont let you lie to yourself or your “memory”

9. You must be 100 percent honest when entering data. Record the quality of your training. Did you fully locked out at the top of your push press or you wanted that extra second to put on the board by not completing the movement? Technique plus speed first. Loading is last once you have achieved technique.

10. Balance is everything when it comes to training and life. Having a place where you recap your training, lifestyle and sleep allows you to stay balanced and have some fun along the way :)

Keep up the great work and remember the FOCUS OF THE WEEK is: with out discipline there is no structure!


Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes mobilizing is fun haha..sometimes.."
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DRS Strong Week 122: Is pushing to redline daily beneficial to training??

          You have the choice to make certain things happen on your behalf. A workout, a relationship, homework, a project, etc.It is up to you if you do your part in what needs to be taken care of, the rest is out of your control.
THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! We continue to strengthen our mind over time. We have the choice to do it or don't do it at all. This ties in really well with being close to "REDLINE" in a workout. If you don't know what this means, then you need to push harder in certain workouts. Let me clarify. There is a purpose behind each workout, benchmark, lift, etc. Some days we want you to get after a certain workout and go close to redline. Some other days, the purpose of the workout is to do quality and focus on movement. Yes even during the hardest longest or fastest workout, there should be a big focus on technique and position, but at the same time, some days you just have to put up with the pain cave and DON'T STOP MOVING!!! 
WHAT IS REDLINE DURING A WORKOUT? when you feel like you go numb, lightheaded, can't barely move and you are going as hard and fast as you can. The pros of that is that you have experience a thin line between death and being alive. Haha just kidding but that is how you feel when you go that hard. The good thing about that is that your body has pushed to a limit that it doesn't normally get to so it can now surpass it. Now, your body  has experieneced that, when you become fitter, more efficient and learn to move well, your redline capacity increases and so does everything else. But only knowing one pace is never going to make you fitter.

No, we don't recommend to hit it this hard every single day because your engine won't be able to take it, but once in a while, you should push your body to those limits to understand there is always that extra push that every single person has. THIS WEEK, MAKE IT HAPPEN! We wil tell you when we want you to get after in a smart way so you push pass normal comfortable pace. Anything above comfortable pace is close to REDLINE. Anything passed what you are physically and mentally capable of doing is not REDLINE is straight up DUMB. So understand that REDLINE is pushing your limits while still being aware of technique, people around you and your own health =)

        If anyone has ever any question of the madness of The Chad Attack please feel free to chat it up with me =) I love geeking out on programming !


        You all are probably thinking, what are we doing this week??? Well, one thing that fitness can be compared to is life. Sometimes you don't know what is going to be thrown at you and you have to be ready for anything, anywhere and anyhow. You attack it headstrong and you own it!!! This is week 3 of the chad attack open prep!!
LET'S GO!!!!!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I try tanning while I snatch hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 120: Training vs. Exercising!

"To uncover your true potential, you must first find your own limits and have the courage to work hard to get past them."

        We have had some fun in the last three weeks!! Between the max out weeks and deload benchmark workouts, I am sure some of you discovered there is a lot of skill and movements to cover. The only way to be proficient at them is to have a good foundation, patience and a lot of practice to develop the skill set you need to add work capacity. One of them is the handstand push ups, these take skill, balance, strength, patience and a good base of support. For a lot of you that have never even been upside down, it seemed that at the end of the week a lot of you were more comfortable with the position.  The beauty of any sport or any activity is that it takes time to develop, acquire and permanently have the skills to become "good". It is the hard work and the journey that is worthwhile and should be the most enjoyable. Like I mentioned before, when you think you have the programming figured out or your feet leave the ground a little too long, its when new movements and challenges will be thrown your way so you continue your growth and hit your potential. Once there, it is the reassessment of your skills that will determine what you need next. I have had several people come up to me asking when they should start doing two a days, or several workouts a day. Hold on to this as we read on about the differences on training vs. exercising... :)

The focus of this week is understanding the difference between training vs. exercising!

First and most the questions go to you first... Do you work out? or do you train? These are two very different purposes.

        The purpose of working out. if you work out, it means you show up to the classes to feel good, get a good sweat, socialize, work towards muscle tone, overall aesthetics, to get PRs, burn off the overeaten calories of the day before and want to strive for an overall healthier lifestyle. This is great and I am sure there is more to it when someone 's purpose is working out.  

ok now, the purpose of training.
        The purpose of training is indefinite. it becomes a lifestyle. It becomes what you do to achieve certain results and performances. you have to plan and balance your  social life ( if any), family, friends, etc around the training to achieve a certain goal. You learn as much as you can on recovery and you become very in tune of your body by learning the proper way of training, recovery and nutrition. You become a machine. You become what you eat and how you train. Your sleep becomes priority. You eat for fuel not for what you feel like. You (actually) your coach breaks down your training phases, cycles, and restoration periods. You can't be at everyones bday party and club outings because you have to train the next day. I said train not work out. You learn the balance between priorities.  Now, this is only some things that need to be done when you train but there are a lot of sacrificies that go into it. Whether is training for a sport or training for school, work, a new position etc. But there is a huge difference between training or working out (exercising). Now, not one is better than the other.
        There is going to be a point in your life where you might be transitioning from your training regimen to your work out regimen and it is all going to be about balancing everything to have success in your goals. I wanted to differentiate both because some people have this mixed up and that is why they are not being successful in any goals. Also, because here at DRS whether you are training or working out. We are going to give you the tools to choose either path and we will help you reach any goal, whether it is to " I just want to look good naked"haha  or" I want to make the Olympics in my sport".  Regardless of what you have in mind, we want to provide you with the necessary tools  but it starts with your own choices and your own priorities. Mastering the basics before wanting to do more volume. More volume doesnt mean better. Even when you have been doing this for quite a while.  So doing two a days or several workouts with no intensity or with "RXing" movements would be a bad idea. Skill work is different but doing too much of it and not doing it well also creates bad habits.
I go by this.

1)Move correctly
2) Be efficient
3) Move fast
4) Lift  relatively heavy if it applies.
5) add volume and keep above numbers
        In that order. If you move right, you will be efficient, once efficient then add speed (intensity), once you accomplish those, then add weight, which will put you back to number one. Move correctly and so on! There is no way of starting at #5, because it will hunt you down and force you to go back to #1.
It is simple and effective.
       NOW lets get ready for the new Chad Attack phase- THE OPEN PREP! You will drill the get very good at work capacity, barbell cycling, getting heavy lifts in short period of times and gymnastic movements!

Here is a video for more insight if you haven't had enough :)


Stay strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

" Sometimes I tend to oversmile in pictures like chandler in FRIENDS hahaha"

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DRS Strong Week 106: Quickies DO NOT work for longevity!


       The Chad Attack FALL Series have started!! This is the perfect time for all of you to tune up your technique, maybe add the weightlifting class or just show up a bit more for the next 8 weeks before the holidays come in. Athletic skills, strength, power and uncomfortable but fun workouts are in the works during this series. THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: IT IS NOT A QUICKIE!!! hmmmm what does that mean? Here is a video on explaining how everything eventually becomes long term, whether you do it right or you don't it will stick to your memory to your physical appearance and to your overall health. Build Solid foundation blocks for longevity!

Top Scores:

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes there are ninjas working out at DRS haha"

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DRS Strong Week 105: 5 reasons why you should be doing Gymnastics type training


        We are approaching our last week of The Chad Attack cycle and we must say it has been a heck of a good summer for everyone. We have seen great improvement on movement, learning how to be more efficient in different workouts, PRs in different lifts and CrossFit benchmarks, and progressing in overall skill of gymnastics. We will begin next week with another dose of The Chad Attack Fall phase for the next 6 weeks. This will include a variety of athtletic skills, gymnastics skills and strength. THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK is to DREAM BIG!
A lot of us never thought certain things can be possible until you work so hard they actually do happen. It starts with wishing, dreaming and doing.

        We have started our new cycle of gymnastics! We are excited for everyones PRs on their rope climbs and handstands. Let's keep them going!

Here are 5 benefits of Gymnastics Training that some of you have already attained by coming to the classes :)

First let me identity GYMNASTICS!
        GYMNASTICS is a sport involving the performance of sequences of movements requiring physical strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, gracefulness, and kinesthetic awareness, such as handsprings, handstands, split leaps, aerials and cartwheels. It developed from beauty practices and fitness used by the ancient Greeks, including skills for mounting and dismounting a horse, and circus performance skills. (Springfit)

        GYMNASTICS for everyday people does not have to include vaulting, dismounting a horse but more the BASIC movements that we are born to do. MOVE YOUR BODY THROUGH SPACE AND NATURAL RANGE OF MOTION. Everyone should be able to do pull ups, push ups , squatting and pressing in full ranges of motion as well as being able to carry their bodies in different angles in space, pretty much bodyweight training.

5 BENEFITS TO BODY TRAINING: ( these are only few of them)

1. Mental Focus and Concentration
When training gymnastics, it takes high concentration and focus to really engage your brain and connect it with your body movement. Gymnastics helps tremendously in learning how to be one between your body and mind. BODY AWARENESS, understanding how your body is moving through space and where its at in different positions.

2. Discipline
Moving your body through space is challenging enough. Having the discipline to do so over and over again is even more challenging, but it also does teach you patience to see the overall progress of movement as you take the time to learn the skill. The time required to master the fundamental skills requires a great amount of patience, dedication, perseverance and planning. Regular gymnastics therefore helps people learn to work hard for objectives that can take years to achieve.

3. Strength
Gymnastics training will give you the strength gains in a very different way then lifting weights. Body weight strength is important because there is no external load you need to move but yourself. This achievement is given to us at birth but we tend to lose it overtime. Gymnastics builds overall strength!

4. Flexibility
Flexibility is a big factor in gymnastics. In order to achieve the various positions needed to perform moves, suppleness is of vital importance. Increasing flexibility can also be an effective aid to the reduction of injury, preventing people from forcing a limb to an injurious range of motion. By learning movements and combining them in a routine, the gymnast can attain greater flexibility and greater control of the body.
Participation in gymnastics helps the athletes become more flexible. Baseball players, basketball players, football players and all other sports need more flexible athletes. Gymnastics builds flexibility better than any other sport which can help limit injuries.

5. Health
Gymnastics moves themselves are designed on a progressive scale to allow further development to make them harder and more intricate. With each level achieved through suitably planned training, participants are able to improve their joint health, maintain muscular development and improve cardiovascular fitness.

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