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DRS Strong Week 123: Do you log in your workouts, nutrition and sleep consistently? 10 reasons why you should!!


        We are on week 4 of The Chad Attack Open Prep! As hard as some of the workouts have been, remember that your body adapts to the stimulus given once that happens then change needs to happen again. If you push your body then recover it well ( with proper food and sleep) then it will continue to grow and develop on what you want.
NOTE: If you are competing in the AMIGO COMPETITION take friday as an easier day and show up saturday by 8am ready to go!! COMPETITION STARTS AT 9AM!

10 reasons why you should be logging your workouts, nutrition and sleep.

1. Logging what you eat, what you did on your workout and how you felt that day allows you to be accountable and physically write what you are working on.

2. It teaches you self discipline in creating a diary of what you are fueling your body, how you are managing the workouts and your recovery.

3. We CANNOT rely solely on our memory because you will forget what weight, reps, time, etc you did 3 weeks ago. Having a WOD book or a log diary, it allows you to look back day 1 or the day before. There will be no, "Did I squat eight reps with 330 pounds on my last squat workout, or was it seven?" Refer to your journal and you will see precisely know what you did last time i.e. what you need to improve on if you are ready to make your next workout a step forward!

4. Logging what you eat you can see if your breakfast is giving you the enough fuel to start the day or if you are giving your body the proper replenishment after training.

5. You don’t have to be a competitive athlete to log your training and nutrition. Everyone should do it. Being accountable of living a healthier lifestyle comes with discipline and commitment. There are no short cuts.

6. Writing down the workouts you did can allow you to almost grade yourself on how you did that day. I am talking about the effort and if you gave the best you could that day. Maybe you couldn’t because your baby kept you up at night or you worked all night. If that was the case, maybe next day goal is sleeping 8 hours and do a better job on staying mentally strong during a workout.

7. This one piggybacks to the previous one. Not everyday you are going to feel like the HULK. Everyday will be different and being able to look back on when you felt the best is important in the present. You can see what made you feel like that. It can be what you ate, how you slept, how you warmed up, etc.

8. Logging in nutrition is very important. We all tend to “forget” we ate those Oreos or the bowl of Cereal haha. The log won’t. It wont let you lie to yourself or your “memory”

9. You must be 100 percent honest when entering data. Record the quality of your training. Did you fully locked out at the top of your push press or you wanted that extra second to put on the board by not completing the movement? Technique plus speed first. Loading is last once you have achieved technique.

10. Balance is everything when it comes to training and life. Having a place where you recap your training, lifestyle and sleep allows you to stay balanced and have some fun along the way :)

Keep up the great work and remember the FOCUS OF THE WEEK is: with out discipline there is no structure!


Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes mobilizing is fun haha..sometimes.."
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