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DRS Strong Week 82: Is Static Stretching Before Training Helpful?


        Week 3 of The Chad Attack Beach Series 1 and we are already seeing a tremendous improvement on barbell cycling while still adding different stimulus and movements on top of a movement. This means that you are becoming more efficient at your movement for that specific load. It is important to take advantage of a repetitive movement to do the best you can on moving the same way every single rep. THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS TO MENTALLY CHANGE SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SOMETHING POSITIVE! As soon as you feel yourself saying or thinking something negative during the workout, before or after CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY with something positive! We are hoping this changes the way you attack certain workouts and through out time, become more positive overall :) I think everyone does a pretty good job on reminding each other on the hard work that everyone puts in, so keep that up!!

        I wanted to give a shot out to my weightlifters for being patient on their technique on working on their position day in and day out! Here we see Shannon Black with awesome front depth position :) WOOT WOOT!

        Ok now, the stretching dilemma! This week I will go into some discussion about stretching before the training. I have mentioned this before but it is important to know the purpose of your stretch. If you want to discuss this topic please feel free to chat with me because this can go into a very detailed discussion :))

1. Do not stretch when you are cold.
2. Are you stretching because you are tight? If you feel tight, sometimes all you need is blood flow to the area and then minimal stretching can help.
3. Are you stretching to become more flexible? If that is the case, do it after a workout when you are warmed up and you can spend at least 10-20 mins doing so to actually change muscle length permanently.
4. Are you stretching to get warmed up? THIS IS THE NO NO!!! if you are going to perform any dynamic, lifting, sprinting, powerful movements, stretching prior to training has to be minimal so that way you do not slow down the rate of muscle contraction when you need to be fast. Only stretch if your sport or activity requires for you to get to a full range of motion like gymnastics, martial arts, etc. As you might have noticed we do static stretching on thursdays before gymnastics :)
Use dynamic stretching like high knees, tuck jumps, duck walks etc to open up joints for lifting. The best way to get into a position is to work the position!
5. Static Stretching should be done after training not before unless again is minimal and the stretches are helping and are relevant to the movement to come.
Unless you spend a good 20 minutes a day stretching, stretching  a bit before training or a bit during or after will only give you a temporary relief or lengthen your muslce but it will not have a permanent effect. In conclusion, stretch for a purpose and understand timing of stretching due to the activity itself. My recommendation is to stretch after training for a good 10 mins, dynamic stretch before training and short stretches during training :)

Here are the Members Top Scores from last week: Keep it up guys!!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 81: Bone Density is 1 of the Benefits of Sprint Training!


        We are on week 2 of The Chad Attack Beach Series 1 and we are very proud to say the adaptation to the stimulus has been very successful. This week is important to be consistent in your movements to allow your brain and body to perform at a high intensity while still working on your technique. THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: WE ONLY GO AS HEAVY OR AS FAST AS......TECHNIQUE ALLOWS!!! :) you probably have heard this a hundred times but it is very important to beginners, intermediate, advanced and elite athletes. If you stick to this for the most part of your training, not only you will be successful but you will also see the benefits of your hard work paying off in a more efficient, fluid way of training and performing :)

        Ok now I would like to tell you 3 benefits of why Sprinting is so important and beneficial:
1. It promotes the recruitment of fast twitch muscle fibers.
What does this mean? It means that your body is forced to recruit faster muscle fibers that help you in terms of speed, power and overall higher intensity. We are all born with a set of slow or fast and some medium fibers, but you can still train your body to get the best out the ones you have and create others. Sprinting will allow to make you faster.

2. It promotes muscle growth.
Yes, if you want gains. Sprint. While running long distance is great for some cardiovascular benefits, running at a slower pace over long periods of time can also eat up your muscle and pound on your joints. I am not bashing on long distance running because there is always a purpose and training for those that actually compete in it and I have high admiration for those people.
But if you want to be fast, you have to train your brain and muscles to be fast.

3. It helps promote bone density.
This is actually one of my favorite benefits that most people don't know about. Lifting weights help bone density because of the impact and tension you put on the bones to make them stronger, with proper progression and recovery.
Sprinting acts in somewhat the same way. I won't get to sciency on  you guys, but the impact on the bones and muscle tissues help promote bone density. Your bones receive the stress from running or lifting and they become more dense overtime with proper overload and training. That is why running is so important when you are injury free. It helps strengthen not just your muscles but everything else. Just remember people that are new to running or training, you ease your way into it just like everything else :)
        Now you know why I make you guys run so much hahah! You're welcome haha! Share with your loved ones !

Top Scores (members) from last week:

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 80: Don't Deny Yourself Greatness!!


       This is another cycle of opportunity! It is yours! it is the opportnity you are giving yourself to be great!! We are starting The Chad Attack- Beach Cycle Series 1! Monday you will see barbell cycling and high capacity on double unders, as we move down the week you will be seeing Deadlifts and HSPUs, the variety of this cycle will allow your body to continue the strength you have built and add power and endurance to it! It is another perfect time to add on the Weightlifting to have your performance and body ready for this summer :) We focus on performance, but when you fuel your body right, aesthetics come out to shine :)
        THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: Give yourself the opportunity to be great!!!  HOW DO YOU DO THAT? By thinking positive thoughts and acting on them!
Check out the video for more in depth information :)

March Goals/PRs- Time for new ones!

Top Scores:

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 79: The CrossFit Open has ended, What is Next?


        We have completed the CrossFit Open 2016 and we are very proud for every person that competed in at least one of the workouts as well as for those who showed up every friday, What can I say? Thank you for sharing the battlefield and conquering to your maximum ability!! The Open is a great way to show camaraderie of fitness, of getting better, a test of your skills, will power, technique, efficiency, mentality and physical ability. It is nice knowing that across the world you are sharing the battlefield not just with the DRS family but the entire world, over 272,000 athletes all over the world plus the ones that did not register are doing these workouts! It is quite amazing to me to have that much mass movement over fitness! I truly believe in all kinds of FITNESS, CrossFit, Weightlifitng, Martial Arts (sport), yoga, cycling, swimming, etc, you name it. The fitter, the healthier you are the better. It is about being fit, having quality of life and enjoying the process. So we THANK YOU for trusting us with your fitness journey because we are here to BUILD BETTER PEOPLE with the help of our fitness ancestors that have paved the way for us, it is our turn to pay it forward. That is our FOCUS of the WEEK: Pay it forward by inviting someone to DRS and share your journey and let them try a class for FREE!!

        Now, The Chad Attack starts next Monday with a new cycle, Beach Season Cycle 1!! In this 8 week cycle we will be going through different phases of strength, strength endurance, power, and "naked" muscles focus haha. I am very excited for this cycle bc you will see a variety of different workouts as well as certain things outside the box, unorthodox movements to help you with your fitness overall. Remember this week is only a transition week so heal up, rest up, fuel up and get back to business next Monday. Again, this is a perfect time to get your friends and family in to start the cycle together!
        One thing I would like to advise you all on is to be patient and open to the workouts and the way we are approaching it all. Some days will be heavily on technique, some days you might not want to do interval sprints, and other will be just fun and brute strength but there is always a reason behind on what we do and why we do it :) You guys have done a great job on putting in the work and allow us to give you guys the tools and we can appreciate it that very much because that is how you build empires!
If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to approach me I would love to geek out with you guys :) #scienceworks #TheChadAttackworks

        For now, lets get beasty, lean and mean haha!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 78: Finding Like-Minded Community Makes A Difference When You Train!


        The focus of this week is to find someone new and share your goals and visions during your class! You can do this before the class, during warm up or after at our favorite spot, the picnic tables haha. It is really neat to see everyone come together and share their journey. Your journey never ends, you learn, you live, you train, you repeat! It is an exciting time to do so as we finish up The Chad Attack phase for the CrossFit Open! 12 weeks of great training, testing and sharing the battlefield. Just remember that you are stronger and better than when you first started. The growth happens from your not so great days and the joy from your great days! All are as important as PRs :) This week we finish up with the Power Snatch Max and the 16.5 CrossFit Open last workout. It has been a great way to show your strengths and to expose the skills and movements we need to work on. It is all about finding something positive every time you train :)
        The new Chad Attack Phase involves more fun to come, especially as we get ready for beach season haha! I will be writing on the new phase next blog, for now know that next week will be the transition for our new spring training! For now, enjoy the compilation of Community / Progression blogs over the past couple years!
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Here are the top Scores from last week's fun!

        I also wanted to suggest if you are body is asking for rest, the next week would be a great time for some days off from training and start the new phase the following week!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 77: 4 Reasons Why You Should Squat!


        We are on week 11th of The Chad Attack, and our 3rd monday max out. Today we will be doing Power cleans! WOOH haha! We should be seeing a very good improvement from the floor into our catch. The main thing we should focus on is to initiate our drive with our legs not our arms.
This week I am giving you 4 MAIN REASONS of WHY Squatting is so important, THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS to share these four reasons with someone you care about :)

1. Posture/Flexibility
-The squat is the most functional movement! We were born to squat, even if it doesn't come easy to you now, but we all had great squats as babies! it is important to go back to our basics and relearning our functional movements that we use in everyday life. Start by squatting with no weight and progress into resistance training.  It will help your posture and flexibility that is lost as we grow older.
Full range of motion squats not only add muscle onto your entire lower body, but they also improve overall flexibility and mobility as an added bonus by increasing the range of motion of your ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

2. Physical and Mental Strength
Strength is KING!!! Squats DO NOT hurt your knees or back if you do them properly with good mechanics. They actually help strengthen your musculature around your joints, tendons and ligaments. They also put strain in all of those but proper recovery helps aid the healing for those with previous injuries.
Unlike a deadlift that allows for brief rest periods when the weights touch the ground, squats force you to remain fully active throughout the entire exercise as you fight to not only grind out each rep, but to balance the bar on your back the entire time as well.
Combine that with the large number of muscle groups involved and the heavy weights that can be handled and this is one exercise where you’ll really need to buckle down and focus.

3. Reduce risk of injury
-This ties in with proper mechanics, you can strengthen various muscles around joints. Squatting is not only for your legs but it requires high stabilization of your core muscles. The majority of athletic injuries occur as a result of weak connective tissues, ligaments and stabilizing muscles, and squats help to strengthen all of these smaller structures to give you a strong and sturdy foundation that is less susceptible to injuries.

4. Improves core strength
- This touches home to me because of low back injury! If you do them correctly you can help all of those injuries heal in a proper way! If you do squats properly at a full range of motion, this can help regain strength through out your midline to keep your back healthy. It is like you build your own belt and create a strong abdominal wall around your core.

       I hope this helps with understanding few of the reasons why Squatting is KING!
Check out the DRS Tutorial on Squats, once you can master the basics of squatting the next step is to add load on the front squat, back squat and overhead squat, remember we progress through the movement and the weight.

       Here are the results for 3RM Front Squats from last week

DRS Fit Challengers, KEEP IT UP and continue making those strides for a healthier version of yourself!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 76: The Feeling You Get When Your Hard Work Pays off


        We are on week 10th of The Chad Attack and you will feel very good this week. We are maxing our 3RM Front Squat on Monday! We should see very good numbers. Have we front squatted specifically? NO! but we have been doing very different things in the programming that allows for the front squat mechanics and strength to get better. Last week, your body and mind was meant to feel a bit zombiesh but this week is a new week with better energy. The FOCUS of the week is to ENJOY this week and learn about someone new at DRS.
        Also, remember hard work doesn't only pay off in big numbers or PRs, sometimes it might just show up in efficiency, technique, mobility, position or even recovery. HARD WORK IS NOT ONLY MEASURED BY BIG NUMBERS! We all want them but in reality we have to think it as an overall approach instead of focusing on a single number.

Ok now let's enjoy the numbers from last week hahaha

Great week and 16.2 completed

Check out the top scores at DRS for 16.2

       DRS FIT CHALLENGE was a great success and on its way!! The teams will be posted on social media and at DRS, we encourage to have a group text going with your teammates to encourage each other and pick your captain so he/she can communicate with me or other coaches for help and counseling. We all want to be on the same page to get you to a healthier you and also look bomb in your own skin :)
Look at these previous blogs to help you some:
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How To Succeed in the Paleo Challenge
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 75: Can I be FIT across all fitness spectrums?


        We are on the 9th week of The Chad Attack and 2nd week of the CrossFit Open! Just a reminder, for the next 4 weeks will be testing out some lifts/fitness levels in the beginning of the week and on fridays we are doing the Open Workouts. I suggest you try and get in here those days to feel what it feels to compete on those workouts while sharing the battlefield with everyone. THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: CHALLENGE YOURSELF TO FIND SOMETHING POSITIVE ABOUT YOUR LEAST FAVORITE MOVEMENT/WORKOUT.

       We all have favorite and least favorite movements or workouts that we tend to shy away from or have a negative cognitation about it. We all do, BUT it important not to get stuck in that mind set because as soon as those movements or workouts show up, your mentality will switch to those negative thoughts. INSTEAD, let's find something positive about them and see that if you actually start thinking positive and trying hard, the least favorite movements will perhaps no longer be your worst movements. We all tend to like what we are good at! so get good at your least favorite and that might just change the way you view certain workouts.

       On this video, I give some detail on how to be able to be FIT in all spectrums of fitness. Is that even possible? IT IS but it takes time!
Go check it out:

I will be posting male, female and coaches top scores every week until the CrossFit Open ends :)
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 74: Whatever your 100% looks like...GIVE IT!

"I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice."

        The CrossFit Open is here!!!! 16.1 will be released this week and DRS will be doing the open workouts on fridays in every class. The Chad Attack 8 week cycle ends as of this week, we will be maxing out starting next week only in one day, the rest of the week our focus will be to continue what we have built and do the Open workouts at the end of the week! THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: Give 100% of what you have today!

        Here is FITNESS IN 100 WORDS by Greg Glassman!

"Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: deadlift, clean, squat, presses, clean and jerk, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, rope climbs, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports."

        I think we have done pretty good haha! I truly believe in variety but it has to be with a purpose! I also truly believe in programming according to physiology, energy systems, goals, phases and with a kick of strength and conditioning. I want to develop ATHLETES in FITNESS not just good workouters haha! Let's continue this momentum and have some fun this next 5 weeks with the CrossFit Open!

Here is a cool video about the CrossFit Open:

        Here are last week's top scores! At any given day or any given time it can be you! Keep working hard DRS!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 73: Share the battlefield and conquer!


         One of the most satisfying feeling as a coach is seing the progress, the heart and the community coming together when all of you are sharing the battlefield. I get the chills and it inspires me to see the heart in each and everyone of you. NO matter how hard or how easy a workout is, the joy and the strength comes within and it comes from the people around you. When you start feeling low or sorry for yourself, LOOK AROUND and see who is in your battlefield, use that as fuel to continue and conquer the best you can!
        An RX and a modified workout is as important and as hard relatively to that person. So regardless in what shape you are in, how long you have been doing this and how big or small or fast or slow you are, DRS is your battlefield and you own the work out and take it every single time. Mentality is contagious and so is effort! I cannot tell you guys enough how much of a fuel it is for me and for the coaches here to see you all work hard day in and day out. So remember look around and share that battlefield with EACH PERSON IN YOUR CLASS! because at one point that was you on your first time trying it, or that day where you didn't feel 100%. It's time to share that power of support and endless encouragement for each other!
I am truly proud of our DRS Community!!
        FOCUS OF THIS WEEK and always haha ( I hope you guys know that the focus of the week we hope it continues forever)

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I go to Australia just to train with Chad Mackay hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 72: Neutral or Duck Feet During Squats?

"DISCIPLINE: choosing between what you want now and what you want MOST."

        This is Week 6 of The Chad Attack Open Prep cycle and we are well on our way to say that most of you have increased your work capacity and intensity and your technique has remained very consistent. YOU ALL SHOULD BE VERY PROUD OF THAT!! Because we are!! 3 more weeks before the CrossFit Open Starts :)
        The FOCUS OF THIS WEEK is to disciplined enough to work on what needs attention, regardless of what it is. it is a lot better to tackle what needs work then to procastinate and say things do not get better. THEY DO GET BETTER, if you actually work on them. For example, Mobility or flexibility. The only way it gets better is by actually targeting 6-10 mins of your day to what needs work. This week you will see a lot of pushing and pulling combination that will allow you to see weaknesses and strengths, its important to pay attention to your body and see what is lacking. Remember to stay patient when harder movements come your way to actually not lose sight of all the awesome progress and hard work you have put it. NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF THAT, YOU SHOULD BE HAVING FUN!! :)

        Here is a 5 minute video on how to get better on your squat stance. Duck feet is not bad as long as you are not doing to mask your lack of mobility or strength :)

        Awesome job to everyone on the last week of spicy city! haha

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

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DRS Strong Week 71: Fitness and Nutrition Foundation For Beginners and Advanced Athletes

"The difficult we do immediately.
The impossible takes a little longer.
Build a strong foundation to create something of value."

        What are you doing daily to improve your physical fitness and longevity? This week is to reinforce the value of having a solid foundation. Our focus is to help you understand and take a minute to reflect on where we are now. If you have been patient to develop a solid foundation, you should be seeing the results of all that hard work. If you are one of those people that want instant gratification and results, just know that is not sustainable.
Remember is never too late to get back to basics and reinforce technique. As we launching into our second year here at DRS Athletics, it is amazing to see the fruits that are flourishing from everyone's hard work. Let me break it down to a very simple science. I am giving you 3 different scenarios to compare to.
VOLUME: the amount of work
INTENSITY: the pace or load to do the work
PROGRESSION: movements that are progressive from easier to harder
NUTRITION: What you put in your body for fuel and health purposes
RECOVERY: regenerating mind, body and soul

        If you are new to Fitness in general always remember that your body will need time for adaptation, progression, load and volume. The most important thing to focus is technique and laying down a solid foundation to build upon. Just like you are asking your body (machine) to produce and make you stronger, faster and better looking, your food intake should match what you are asking your body to do. (If you do not know what to eat in general remember you can always ask your coach and come to the FREE NUTRITION WORKSHOP Feb 11th at 6pm!). The key for you is consistency, and nutrition, the intensity and volume is not close to being discussed yet. MORE IS NOT GOOD. QUALITY IS GOOD!!

        If you have been doing this fitness trip for a while. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND REASSESS!! This is going to be your most important tool because it is easy to get caught up in scores and workouts instead of understanding what your goal is in the first place. Your food is probably not as dialed in because you think you can just workout it out and you will start next week again by eating clean. THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS STAGE!!! WHY?
        Because we are in a comfort zone! so get out of it and plan again! This is where a lot of people tend to want to do A LOT OF VOLUME but remember when there is a lot of volume the intensity will go down. DO NOT compare yourself to anyone but yourself in what works for you. The key for you is to dial in nutrition, crank up the intensity and revisit your basics.

        If you are doing this for a living or competitive, still stop and reasses. This is the culmination of all those hours of technique, drilling, hard work, PRs, dialed nutrition, etc. This is a great time to shape your empire and fine tuning. The load is high and you are playing with the volume as you understand recovery. For most people at this stage, they have done the volume, the intensity and the nutrition. The key is to revisit nutrition to help you sustain a better recovery and to focus most on quality. It is like the scenario number one but now you have training experience, you understand your body better and you have earned your stripes with the YEARS of doing this. Even this scenario focus is once mastering the basics, keeping them sharp!

        I hope this helps some of you as a guide of where you are in terms of fitness and nutrition but remember no matter how long or how little you have been training for a sport or just to be fit, there is always something you can go back to and that is how strong your foundation is. If its not, thats ok, build it now, if it is, then keep reassesing to never get stagnant. BOOOYAH!!!!\

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I get really serious during street fair competitions hahah"
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