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DRS Strong Week 70: What makes you feel empowered? and how do you feed it?

"You can try hard and feel good about yourself. You can do the best you can and feel EMPOWERED."

        This week is all about finding what makes you feel empowered and feeding it to the max. That fuel is what gets you through a workout or a challenging day in life. We want to be able to feed ourselves positive things to not just drag through our workouts but to the best we can in them.

How do you feed what makes you feel empowered?
1. Find it first! Feeling empowered means to feel good, more confident, more in control of you.
Maybe finishing a workout you didn't think you can finish makes you feel good in all aspects so you have a more productive day at work. Maybe you just got out of relationship and training makes you gain confidence back. Maybe you just need the structure and discipline to follow a training regimen. Maybe seeing everyone else in the class and sharing the battlefield together makes you feel good about yourself. Whatever it is, cherish it and feed it.

2. Once you have one. Add another and another one and another until you have so many different reasons to feel empowered that a bad day or a bad workout can't derive you from it. And by the way there is never a bad workout, you can learn from it and at least you were doing something!

3. Share it with others!!! Influence others to feel the same and create that around you! =)

Check out what your coaches and some of your training buddies had to say!

        This is the 4th week of The Chad Attack and I know the programming has been a mix of a habanero and a spicy jalapeño most days but all of you are adapting great and should feel way better than the first week of this cycle! Remember the CrossFit Open is around the corner so during those 5 weeks we will be testing all the hard work. I am looking into maxing out on 1 lift at the beginning of the week and doing the Open workout on Fridays during each class. It is an exciting time!! Expect the known and the unknown in the next couple of weeks :)

        We have gotten great feedback on the blog these past couple of weeks, feel free to let me know a topic of interest and I would love to cover it. We will be releasing in the next couple of weeks how to build a foundation if you are new or semi new to fitness and how to keep it strong if you have been doing this for a while.
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I have epic pole balancing battles with Coach Erik as our warm up hahah"

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Remember FREE Mobility Workshop is this Thursday 1/28th at 6PM! See you all there :)

DRS Strong Week 69: How to diffferentiate between RX and Modified workouts so you can scale accordingly?

"Make measurable progress in reasonable time."
        This week is all about understanding what a modified workout is and RX. It is easy to get caught up with having to RX every workout, but the importance of the workout is the focus and the stimulus intended for that workout. If the workout is supposed to be a fast workout for most, but attempting the RX weight or movement standards is slowing you down so much that your stimulus has changed completely. What do you do then? Probably best to go faster and less weight! but in some workouts the purpose is to grind through heavier weights and have a slower pace. At the end of the day, us coaches help you decided what is best for you but you only go as fast and heavy as TECHNIQUE ALLOWS. If you think this way, your longevity in workouts will be more positive and you will learn how to move properly in a measurable progress =)
We asked few of our members that have been in both ends, having to modify a lot and now hitting the RX workouts.!
By the way how awesome does it feel when you do RX for the first time and it is LEGIT!! WOOH big high five to those that did that this week =)!!

Here are some few tips and opinions..

Week 2 of the Chad Attack: Work capacity/mental stimulus

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I do single leg hip raises while I work hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 68: Be Comfortable in the Uncomfortable Part II

"Show me how big your BRAVE is and emerge in something out of your comfort zone."

        This the second Week of The Chad Attack Cycle! We are well on our way for the CrossFit Open Preparation. If you are coming regularly you might have been exposed to new movements or movements that we don't do all the time. That is because we are preparing your for the open and also because the progression of more basic movements has been established longer. Expect this week anything from a fast sprint pace type of workout from a longer type metcon and some strength movements. It is very important that as we continue to expand into more advanced movements, we really focus on our ability to perform the basics WELL! the more proficient at the basics the better chance we have in keeping good technique as we move up the ladder. Challenge yourself this week to try the new progressions even if it means your times will be slower. On the contrary, I recommend only doing the most advanced movements if your technique and your physical ability allows it now :)
        It has been a great start of this new year and I am really excited for this cycle to flourish. It will be a hard but worth cycle at the end of the 8 weeks! Now, let's change gears as we move into OUR FOCUS OF THE WEEK: Be comfortable in the uncomfortable!
Part 1 I wrote about a year ago and now Part 2 is in the video format. The most important thing you want to remember is to put yourself in a situation of growth by stepping out of your comfort zone and adjusting to a new challenge.
Check out the first blog on it and follow it by the video =)
Be Comfortable in the Uncomfortable - The Power of Community

It was a tough call on a lot of top scores!
Remember if you are adding on to the WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB, you can join anytime =) WOOH!! WEEK 1 DOWN!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes you have to accumulate your squat holds anywhere haha"

DRS Strong Week 66 & 67: How do we apply our 2016 resolutions? Have a SET POINT!

"It is not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are."

       We are really excited to start this new year with all of you! We ended the year with great success and a lot of healthier people, so let's keep the momentum going and start the 1st week of The Chad Attack right! This 8 week phase will be broken down into 2 different phases, the open prep and the open peak to be tested with The CrossFit Open workouts of 2016! More details next week, first we have to stimulate our minds, bodies and lungs this week to get off some holiday extras haha.
       It is 2016 and we are so ready for all our resolutions right? YESS!! ok here is a quick video about making a stand and having a SET POINT to make sure you actually stick to your resolutions through out the entire year and more.

       Remember the focus of the week is to have a SET POINT to rely on!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I pose with a MINION Piñata hahaha"

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DRS Strong Week 65: 3 Daily Movements For Healthier Joints!!

"All humans beings should be able to perform basic maintance on themselves."- Kelly Starrett
        We are at the end of The Chad Attack cycle finishing with a 1RM Snatch Monday! We will then be transitioning to a new cycle not until the beginning of the year. We will be focused on building an engine and keeping a consistent number on strength. Starting the new year, we are taking it to the next level for conditioning, power and strength. The CrossFit Open workouts are around the corner and now that we have build a solid foundation on strength and position, January will be a good time to test those numbers with an emphasis on work capacity. What does this mean? it means that we are building your fitness from the 1RM to the 10RM to the 10AMRAP to the 25AMRAP.  The weighlifting club  ( Olympic Lifting ) will be in place for those looking to continue their quest for heaviest numbers and gainz haha and The Chad Attack will be a neutralizer for fitness across all domains! Let's finish the year with a BANG!! The focus of this week is doing the following 3 movements as much as you can for the rest of your life haha!

1. Hold a squat accumulating 5-10 minutes a day.
-toes pointing forward and knees pushed out to prevent caving in.
-Upright torso, shins passed vertical with toes
-When getting up from the squat, revert shins to vertical then stand up

2. Pectoral stretch
-everytime you pass by a doorway or after driving for a while find a wall to hold on to and perform this stretch
-open up your chest as you resist with your hand against the wall if you can do it with both arms in a doorway then perform it that way.
-hold for at least 1 minute

3. Neck retraction
-push your chin towards the center of your head (kind of like you are showing a double chin)
-keep your shoulders back and eyes looking forward ( importance of rotating shoulders back like they are on a shelve)
-repeat these 3 sets of 3 with a 15 sec hold

These are one of the very simple movements you can do daily to help posture, to keep your joints mobile and to keep your body upright instead of slowly caving forward.
Try these for a while and let me know if you notice a difference :)
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes coaches are pretty gangstah hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 64: Accumulate Your Efforts

"Full results don't come from half hearted efforts."

        We are here! This week is Max out week!!!! One of the shortest cycles but with a lot of purpose behind it. OVERHEAD STABILITY/OVERALL STABILITY!
We are maxing out on overhead squat on Monday, Cleans on Tuesday and 3RM Deadlifts on Wednesday. Snatch will be the following Monday so be ready for that as well.
This week is about summing up your efforts while being consistent. It is about creating a better position then before. We all strive for bigger numbers, but something to keep in mind is how much quality is into that number.
For example: If you have a 155 clean and you get the same number and we are assuming you have been following the program, does it mean you got weaker?
No!!! We hope that the 155 clean is a way better lift than the previous first time you hit it. As you strive to get bigger numbers it is important to give yourself credit for the accumulation of your efforts and hard work.
Sometimes quality of movement, depth or consistency is just as important when maxing out than just hitting a higher number than before. Keep that in mind as we move through the week :)

        One more thing to think about is looking back at your training journal and seeing the journey that has taken you to be where you are. THAT IS PROGRESS, CONSISTENCY. and HARD WORK!!
So that at any given day you can hit higher percentages or higher reps in certain movements that you couldn't before! So keep it up and attack this week with all that you have!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I wish I had automatic camera built in my sunglasses haha"

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DRS Strong Week 63: "What's YOUR WHY??"

"I believe that we all have a GOD-given purpose, and we won't be fulfilled unless we're living that purpose in a meaningful way. To be a warrior and a leader. To master myself so I can fulfill this purpose the best I can."
        THE PURPOSE OF THIS WEEK IS "WHAT IS YOUR WHY?- If you would like to participate in this, write your WHY in ONE WORD and underneath write what it represents to you. Put in on your phone or in a piece of paper and tape it to where you will see it when you wake up and before you go to sleep and even before a workout or a hard meeting at work. If you would like to share it with the rest of us at DRS, we would love to add it to the GOALS BOARD :)
FIND YOUR WHY? and DO NOT LET ANYTHING OR ANYONE (ESPECIALLY YOURSELF) DEVIATE FROM THAT PURPOSE!! Remember as you start completing goals and accomplishments, your reason might change but there is a core VALUE that should never change and that is what keeps you hungry and happy doing what you do daily whether is here, work or in your family! :)

        Last week of The Chad Attack before MAX out week! let's finish this week strong! I can't wait to see you all max on overhead squats next week! Stability and consistency pays off!
Be on the look out for DRS Weighlifting NEWS on your email because we will be starting in 2016!!! WOOOH!
Stay Strong
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I have a better LIFTING FACE-maybe its the cornrows hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 62: Mobility vs. Flexibility vs. Stability

" Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future."
        We often here these three words: Mobility, Flexibility, Stability.  Yes we should pursue all three of them but there are very distinct individually and we should approach them for individual needs. Let me take a moment to help understand the differences between them. Mobility generally refers to the joint and the ability to move through full range of motion.
Flexibility usually refers to the muscles that can be stretched or shorten. Its ability can allow the joint to move a lot or only a little. Stability is being able to keep a body part from  not moving while changing positions or remaining static. I always place a lot of importance in how we start from the feet up because those are the body parts that start the movement and it is basically your foundation and base support.
These would be the very ideal " Stacked" positions:
  • ankles – mobile
  • knees – stable
  • hips – mobile
  • lumbar spine (lower back/ pelvis) – stable
  • thoracic spine (midback)– mobile
  • cervical spine  (neck)– stable
  • shoulders-stable but mobile  through various movements ( this is the joint that is the most unstable and needs the most stability work)
        Most people have the opposite, ankles are not mobile, knees are not stable, hips are not mobile, etc. The goal would be to create the most ideal situation for each joint either stable or mobile. Now, for flexibility is different, you want a limb body but your muscles need tension during certain movements especially when you are lifting weights or holding a compromised position. Flexibility is important for your muscle tissues to keep blood flow and assists with posture by balancing the tension placed across the joint by the muscles that cross it. Proper posture minimizes stress and maximizes the strength of all joint movements.
It is easier to sit on a bench and bench press a bar because the bench is stabilizing for you then to do a strict press overhead when your body is required to have a strong stable midline ( lumbar spine ) and mobile thoracic spine ( midback) and stable shoulders.
This is why overhead stability is the hardest because you need certain joints to be mobile and you need some to be stable if not you are either one big full brick or one wet noodle haha, Let's  create a solid Oak with enough fluidity to move through range of motions but sturdy enough to lift buildings =)
Creating the perfect position is very challenging and might be a bit uncomfortable to get in certain positions, but in the long run your body will thank you for putting it back to where it should be in the first place.
I hope this helps to understand the differences and importance of all three important abilities to move efficiently, pain free and to reduce injury.

        Now, remember this is a short cycle for the The Chad Attack, we are on week 4 and we will maxing the week of the 14th :) This time will be only maxing on few lifts and benchmarks, short and sweet !
THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS : BE THE ARCHITECT OF YOUR FUTURE!! BOOOOM! You have the blueprints, we give you the tools, you have to build it !
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes all you need is to pick up a rock and not comb your hair hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 61: Pursue Stability!

"Perform the common uncommonly well"
        It is natural to want to teach people advanced and fancy movements. There is always an urge to move away from the basics and toward advanced movements which is human nature. Is it a bad thing?? NO! But, this rush of always wanting to get to the most advanced technique or RX weight, etc can increase injury, delays advancement and progress, plain and simple delays fitness. Why focus on progressions if it takes longer? One reason can be because it allows your body and mind to systematically get better. Technique and strength takes time to develop and so does movement patterns that your body and mind has never been exposed to. Even when you are a former athlete, there are set patterns that your body is used to ( good or bad) and to redefine those patterns takes time. If it took you couple of years to develop certain habits, it might take a bit long to develop new, or redefine them for better quality and a lot more efficiency. This is just a reinforcement to everyone that is being patient and taking the time to develop in a lot of areas! keep it up, you are doing something right and your body will thank you!

          As we approach Week 3 of The Chad Attack, I wanted to take some time and go into OVERHEAD STABILITY.  STABILITY is how well we can maintain a position in the presence of change. This is very important because most people can be very stable when there is no change of speed, weight or position, but as soon as we change those variables, stability goes out the window. This cycle is focusing heavily on OVERHEAD stability because personally I think its one of the most important positions. It tests different aspects of fitness but most important it is a great way to see strength and weak positions in your own body. It allows for us coaches to see what areas need work in terms of strength, mobility, stability, etc. It is important to understand overhead stability takes time to develop and even if you come from an athletic background or you can arnold press 100 lb dumbbells (haha) it doesn't necessary mean you have overhead stability.
We always try and promote technique, then speed plus technique and finally if you can control technique plus speed and add load then you are on the right track!
These are few pre- requesites for OH stability ( aka, OHS, Snatches, Handstands etc. These are more advanced movements but it starts with simple strict press, bear crawls, hollow rocks, air squats, etc)

1.) Motor control (think patterns)
2.) Mobility (ability to move through a desired range of motion)
3.) Stability (control movement in the presence of change)
4.) Balance (in this case, static balance)
5.) Strength (amount of force production against a resistance)
        The focus of this week and forever is PURSUE STABILITY and your body will aligned in ways that you have not moved ever or in a very long time! Your body is meant to move well, but after years of moving in a non desired state, it will take some time to get it back like a baby haha!
Take this little thanksgiving break to recover, refuel and come back fresh! NO CLASSES THURSDAY OR FRIDAY THIS WEEK!
See you Saturday at 9am!
Stay Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I find myself in my own habitat at Home Goods hahaha"

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If you are looking for private lessons during the holidays to polish technique or get closer to that muscle up
click here :) Private Training Lessons

DRS Strong Week 60: Drive and Determination!

" If drive is the fuel that keeps you motivated, determination is the long view commitment to the mission."
        These past three weeks we have been focusing on MAKING A HABIT OF EXCELLENCE, determining that there are 3 key components for it. Last week was DISCIPLINE and this week is DRIVE and DETERMINATION. We are wrapping up the chapter of making a habit of excellence by working on our drive and our determination. THAT IS OUR FOCUS OF THE WEEK.

DRIVE: discipline activates the habit, drive motivates it. It is fueled by desire, belief and expectation that we can achieve something extraordinary thorugh our efforts. It feeds on discipline as we commit ourselves at a deeper level to our pursuits.
How do we get the DRIVE? CONNECTION! connect the desire to something major in your life, a interest or purpose.
For example: MY PURPOSE as a coach is to help every person I encounter to get to their maximum potential physically and mentally and done well!. That transfers into performance, a better life, and life lessons. MY DRIVE IS seeing the end result of someone doing their first pullup, or moving from a pvc pipe to pounds on the bar, or just seing the change of demeanor on their facial expression :), that to me is the longlife source of energy that will keep me on my toes to always strive for more knowdledge of a sport, etc. Sometimes I don't get to see the end result, but in my heart if I knew I was the most dedicated, informed, passionate coach, that one day it will pay off and hopefully I had a positive influence in that individual.
This is the same as an athlete, you know your end goal (olympics? CrossFit Games? lose 100 lbs? etc)  but its not tangible, all you know and all you have is what you can control and provide for yourself and others, REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME AT THE END. That brings us to DETERMINATION!

They are the ones who will do today what others won't. If you want something, work consistenly on it and make it happen. IT GOES BACK TO SELF DRIVE AND SELF DISCIPLINE! 
I truly believe in this and I appreciate the people that take the time to start believing as well. We are all striving for perfection, but there is no such thing, and that is the beauty of it. It means as time evolves, we all evolve in mind, body and spirit to become the best we can be, not at just fitness and sports but at life. WHY NOT???
We are not CATS, we only get 1 LIFE! HOW DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IT?????


        YOU BETTER BE INSPIRED BY NOW haha! Ok so week 2 of The Chad Attack. KAREN IS COMING TO TOWN ON MONDAY! yes come in and do the best you can and visit with Karen, we are snatching on wednesday and clean and jerk on friday. NO we are not finding a heavy single but working percentages or skill. That is how we get better, move better! WOOOOH LET'S GOOO!!!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I do handstands in front of a Jet Blue Plane before take off hahaha"

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DRS Strong Week 59: DISCIPLINE

"Small disciplines repeated with consistency lead to great achievements gained slowly overtime"-John C. Maxwell
        First of all! It’s our 1 year anniversary!!!!!! DRS is very excited to celebrate with each one of you a year of health, fitness, community, camaraderie, PRs, life changing moments and many more! We could not be where we are with out every single person that makes this place special. It is amazing to see the progress of each of you as times goes by. The dedication, perseverance and consistency that is given day in and day out is unmatchable. We are only one year in and we have already come so far with all the athletes here. We have a TEAM. Every AM and PM class with individual goals but the hard work and daily effort shared as a team. We share high fives, PRs, stories, first timers, lactic acid, noodle legs, burning lungs, ripped hands, rainy runs, turf on our clothes, laughs on the picnic table, espresso shots, cleaning duties, quotes, Fran, but the most important out of all, the people we have here.
       We strive for common goals, to be fit, to be healthy, to be stronger, to move well, to better ourselves in every single aspects of life. We strive for permanent, we strive for physical and mental strength, we strive to be a better version of ourselves, we BUILD BETTER PEOPLE, through fitness, through DRS!
        Again, thank you each of you for making this happen! Building an elite group of people is challenging but it has been so rewarding because of the community here at DRS. Yes its only year one, and we are very happy you all are part of it! On to year two!! Woooooh!!!
Let's look at some numbers from last week :) That was a great cycle!!! on to the next one to continue this momentum !!

Front Squat and 1 mile Run ( even on rainy days haha)


"HELEN" (my fave haha)

1RM Clean and Jerk

        Okay now that I have calmed down a bit haha, we are starting a NEW CYCLE!!! THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK: DISCIPLINE!!
As I mentioned last blog, there are three things that are important on making a habit of excellence. DISCIPLINE, DRIVE and DETERMINATION. This week we shall focus on discipline.

        DISCIPLINE is the spark that ignites the fire of a habit. Those fires need to be lit daily and discipline provides the source energy. It literally means to be a disciple for a higher purpose. By choosing to train hard everyday, you are choosing to be a disciple but not to the training itself, or looking good naked, or feeding your ego, but to fully committing yourself into a higher purpose in developing into a better human being and a leader.
Discipline starts by rejecting the uncomfortable and embracing the suck. Be comfortable in the uncomfortable and make a change. It doesn't happen overnight, it takes time and effort.
You already committed to training, now bring it up a notch by not just showing up but emerge yourself in the programming, in your teammates, believe in the process and understand that the beauty of things is that there are no shortcuts but long steady, hard working paths for what you deserve. Earned, not given.
        Now that you are pumped and ready to take on this week!!! Let's get to it, this week on Monday we will be doing our very first workout we did on a Monday we open, so that’s exciting for people that were here since the beginning how we have evolved! We will be using this week as the introduction of stimulus for our new 5 week cycle that will take us all the way until a week before Christmas for our max out week :) We all have to max out before Santa arrives haha! This cycle will focus on 1-3RM strength on our raw lifts like squats (all kinds, especially overhead squats), we will continue to build speed and work capacity ( mostly efficiency and steady speed), as we start the new year we will ramp up since the CrossFit Open will be here in February! We stay fit all year long =)
I will go into specifics next week about our 5 week cycle =) Remember the programming is a combination of strength and conditioning with The Chad Attack method that provides a wide range of fitness components to not a specifically be good at something but to be broad and generally good at everything! Your strength will go up but so is your mile run and so are your gymnastics and so are your aesthetics haha! As we go through the cycles we do have an emphasis long enough for adaptation but not long enough for routine :)
 For specific training or competition training we can meet and discuss what is needed =) Private Training Lessons
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario
"Sometimes I feel like its christmas morning when DRS turns 1 year hahah"
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DRS Strong Week 58- Make a habit of excellence!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit"- Aristotle
        Our habits are the little actions we do every moment, every day and frequently.  When it comes to habits, the best approach is not to focus on eliminating unwanted behaviors or in this case bad habits on technique, but instead replacing it with a new habit to drown out the old ones. Our habits define us! If you have a solid character habits you will be defined as having a solid character, that comes with the habits you have being disciplined to create. We can grow stronger by driving passionately and in a focused manner toward our targets and never quitting when it gets hard. It takes discipline, drive and determination. For the next three weeks I will be defining these three. DISCIPLINE, DRIVE AND DETERMINATION. The focus of THIS WEEK is make a habit of EXCELLENCE!!! Try and move to perfection, run with ellegance and envision your self like the best runner, the best lifter, the best kettbleswinger haha, best gymnast, every time you do a movement, create a good habit that will turn into a permanent good habit!
        Last week of the cycle testing benchmarks and doing fun workouts, next week we start a new cycle!!! This week focus on attacking the Front Squat 1RM, Helen and Isabel! Another benchmark week in the books :) Let's take a look at this past week full of PRs and awesome scores by everyone!

1RM Thruster and "FRAN"

"Grace and 100 jumping lunges for time ( week 1 we did this after back squats haha)

1RM Deadlifts ( PR CITYYYY) remember that you don't have to deadlift everyday to get strong on movements that require leg drive, midline stability, etc. Everything we do on The Chad Attack program consists on building a strong core and posterior chain.

        Another thing to remember is that after 13 weeks of a cycle your body needs rest, if your body is feeling a little achy or sore this week, listen to it, you might need couple of days off to refuel and heal up any problem areas before we start the new cycle! especially saturday and sunday :)
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I like to handstands with a 30 lb backpack in front of Mexican pyramids hahah"

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