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DRS Strong Week 104: How Are You Taking Care of Your Fitness?


        THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS: Take care of your fitness by using it! One of the hardest things for people that want to get in shape is to start training. So let's just say that you are already into a good routine and your training program is going well. HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR FITNESS?
I will give you 3 simple things you can do to make sure your fitness is not suffering once established.
If you haven't start, then hopefully this can help you to get you GOING as well!

YES we all like to look good naked right? WELL WE LIKE TO LOOK GOOD IN CLOTHES AS WELL. So pick something you haven't been able to wear either because is too big, or too small and hang it where you see it daily. Make it a point to see it everyday and give yourself a timeline that you will put it on and feel very good about it.

Being healthy is not just drinking supplements and working out. Being healthy is using your fitness to help you make changes in your life that can prolong or help you have QUALITY OF LIFE.
For example: Use your fitness to motivate you to stop putting so much sugar in your coffee, or to help you drop that SODA a day or maybe instead of a glass of wine every dinner, you drink a protein shake haha! But you guys get the point. Healthier choices!

3. SOCIAL: You can use your fitness to partake in recreational sport leagues, or go to the beach and play volleyball with your friends, when maybe before you were not as comfortable in those settings. GO OUT AND DO PHYSICAL HOBBIES! This helps you be around different kinds of people and expands your horizons.

        Using your fitness is not only about the gainz and how much weight you can lift ( eventhough we all love that) but its about using the strength, flexibility, stamina to do other things with family, friends, work, etc. Grow the best OAK TREE for your own body and USE your fitness to live life to the fullest :)

       Thank you again to everyone that came and support all of our 5 Teams during our First competition! It was truly an amazing experience to be able to share the battlefield with all of you. You all inspire me and remind me daily of why my heart is so full everytime I step into DRS and see you all train :)
THANK YOU! You all make me very proud.

Top Scores:

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes hand signals are the best communication hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 102 & 103: Why Do We Use A Hook Grip During Olympic Lifting?


        The FOCUS of this week is SLOW DOWN TO SPEED UP! Look at the overall picture of your training and understand that in order to keep improving there are going to be certain movements or exercises that you can't perform YET. The only way to get better or to improve and move progressively is to slow down to then speed up and conquer a movement. When speaking about slowing down, it means literally to slow down the way you are moving or to maybe be patient on progressions in order to do more advanced movements.
        This also can relate to the topic of HOOK GRIP while lifting.

The hook grip requires an athlete to press their palm into the bar so it sits between the thumb and the first two fingers, then wrap your thumb around the bar and fingers over the thumb. ( see picture below) .This might be an uncomfortable grip for a lot of new people but in time and with practice it becomes second nature. You might even hookgrip while you drive without noticing haha.


Well there are several reasons but the main two why I suggest people to hook grip during the clean, the snatch, barbell cycling, etc is because it's a SECURED GRIP and it helps with bar path by keeping arms from bending too soon. Some might argue that early arm bend on the pull still happens for few people. This is true, early arm bend can still happen but it helps control it a bit more than a normal grip.
        My main advice is that you should start with lower weights to get used it. YES IT WILL FEEL WEIRD AND NOT SECURED AT FIRST! But it will help in the end to maximize your performance, which we all want :)
NOTE: DO NOT HOOK GRIP DURING A JERK! OR WHEN YOU RECEIVE THE CLEAN IN THE FRONT RACK POSITION. This might be up to discussion since barbell cycling happens a lot during CrossFit and if you have fast elbows and good mobility, chances are you can keep the hookgrip during high rep workouts but for Olympic Lifting it is suggested to release the hook grip as you catch the clean and some release as they catch the snatch. ( different topic haha).

Hook Grip:
(Pinterest haha)

Tops Scores from last two weeks:

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes Jenna totally knows when i'm flexing for a picture hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 101: 10 things you want to know before you start CrossFit


        This blog is going to be dedicated for those people that are ready to start CrossFit but maybe do not know where to start. This blog will go over 10 different terms or facts that will guide you to the process :)
First, for the DRSrs!! the FOCUS of the week is COMPETE AGAINST YOURSELF! This week we are introducing fast sprint type of focus for a lot of the workouts and its going to be very important that you do not get caught up with how you can cut reps or get the reps faster but instead, HOW CAN I MOVE FAST WHILE I KEEP THE BEST FORM POSSIBLE! By focusing on competing against yourself , your focus on your own movement will be key instead of how fast the person next to you is moving :) GO GET IT!!!

Ok here they are:
1. WOD: Work out of the Day. This is the workout that you are being prescribed by your coach

2. RX: This means you are doing the entire workout in terms of reps, sets, weights and movement standards as prescribed

3. Modify: This means you are doing the entire workout or part of the workout or movements modify. NO THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU SUCK, this just means that either you are getting better at new movements or you are working your way up to a certain weight. Or you are dealing with injury, so you have to modify.

4. Box: Means gym, here at DRS Athletics we are a combination of a BOX and a Sports Performance CENTER!

5. You will find out real quick how out of shape you are: THIS IS NORMAL FOR  A LOT OF PEOPLE. But that is why you are here, to get better physically and to be healthier. This doesn't mean that CrossFit is the only way to train, but CrossFit does challenge a lot of the energy systems used to get in the best fitness shape.

6. CrossFit is so dangerous: ANYTHING IS DANGEROUS HAHA! This is one of the first things you might hear by people when you say that you started CrossFit. Yes there is an injury rate like any other activity you do, but it is important to research what your gym has to offer and how knowledgeable your coaches are in terms of movement. Period.
        If you move with good technique and understand the patience it takes to be good at higher skills or movements then you will have a longevity with this Sport. Every sport has its incompetent people that don't want to take the time to move well and be all about weight or speed, but then there are others that are willing to work hard and learn about their body and their potential. There are no shortcuts!

7. What you eat is more important than what you lift.

Nutrition is key. Nutrition affects your energy levels, recovery, and performance. And let’s be honest, it affects the way you look. You can do CrossFit for months but if you are eating junk then your results will be junk. Food is all about balance and what your goal is with food. For me, I loooove quesadillas and mexican food haha but I also know that fueling my body is very important for my daily energy, sleep and training. I go in periods of PALEO, zone and PALEO Modify which means I still eat rice and tortillas haha. The most important thing is knowing the reason why you would be intaking certain food. Are you eating it for pleasure? Ok, then maybe during the week you can have healthier options, etc.

8. The workouts are always varying. This is true because stimulus of training is very important. If you are stuck in a routine, YOU NEED OUT! your body adapts within 23-28 days and some people adapt quicker, so changing the stimulus and focus of a workout is very important. You will do many things that maybe you never thought of being possible. THIS IS WHY IT'S SO AWESOME!!

9. You will form lasting relationships. THIS IS TRUE!!! the battlefield we share day in and day out brings you closer to many people in your class. At DRS we are truly proud of our members and the community we have created. WE HAVE EACH OTHERS BACK :)!

10. You are only competing against yourself:
"While some people like to have fun and see if they can beat their friend’s time, in the end the competition you have inside the box is only against yourself. I have let out so many different emotions inside the box including happiness, frustration, anger, tears, joy, and the feeling of accomplishment. When you do your first pull-up or rope climb, the feeling you have is like no other. But that also goes for saying when you drop the bar for the first time because it is too heavy and you can’t get out of a squat, you will be beyond frustrated with yourself. CrossFit really pushes your mental strengths and weaknesses. You can’t blame someone else because you couldn’t lift as much as you wanted, you have to blame yourself, and that is the hardest part but also the one that makes you stronger."


Top Scores: Kolbie with the sweep haha

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I notice that I like to climb things hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 100: Setbacks Are Only Temporary!


        Today we celebrate our 100th week of DRS!! OUR 100th BLOG! WOOOOOOH!!
First of all, we are very honored and thankful to be able to do this every single day and be touched by so many lives, so many inspiring stories, and so many superb human beings. WE ARE VERY THANKFUL FOR EACH ONE OF YOU AT DRS ATHLETICS!! Here is to another 100 weeks of fun, hard, inspiring, changing training days for the better! We really pride ourselves in giving the tools for BUILDING BETTER PEOPLE in all aspects of life, and we appreciate all of you for continuous faith and trust in this program.
        The focus of this week is  SETBACKS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY!!
If you have a goal in mind but happen to be in a setback, KEEP GOING!!! You might have to reassess the goal, but DO NOT take your eyes from them. You wouldn't slash the remainding tires if you got a flat right? Then keep going regardless of any setback! It is temporary!! With that said, go conquer this week because yes it will be spicy but great workouts ahead. We have our 100s reps today, challenging movements tomorrow, wednesday with some heavy lifting, NEW GYMNASTICS week!!! ( Gymnastics GURU- Alicia Domercq will be coaching the 9am, and we finish friday and saturday with a BANG!!

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Tops Scores from last week:

        We also wanted to wish Coach Erik the best in his next endevours! We will miss you and we thank you for all you have done and shared with all of us!! See you soon :)

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes you just have to climb the branches while in the jungle haha"
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