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DRS Strong Week 122: Is pushing to redline daily beneficial to training??

          You have the choice to make certain things happen on your behalf. A workout, a relationship, homework, a project, etc.It is up to you if you do your part in what needs to be taken care of, the rest is out of your control.
THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! We continue to strengthen our mind over time. We have the choice to do it or don't do it at all. This ties in really well with being close to "REDLINE" in a workout. If you don't know what this means, then you need to push harder in certain workouts. Let me clarify. There is a purpose behind each workout, benchmark, lift, etc. Some days we want you to get after a certain workout and go close to redline. Some other days, the purpose of the workout is to do quality and focus on movement. Yes even during the hardest longest or fastest workout, there should be a big focus on technique and position, but at the same time, some days you just have to put up with the pain cave and DON'T STOP MOVING!!! 
WHAT IS REDLINE DURING A WORKOUT? when you feel like you go numb, lightheaded, can't barely move and you are going as hard and fast as you can. The pros of that is that you have experience a thin line between death and being alive. Haha just kidding but that is how you feel when you go that hard. The good thing about that is that your body has pushed to a limit that it doesn't normally get to so it can now surpass it. Now, your body  has experieneced that, when you become fitter, more efficient and learn to move well, your redline capacity increases and so does everything else. But only knowing one pace is never going to make you fitter.

No, we don't recommend to hit it this hard every single day because your engine won't be able to take it, but once in a while, you should push your body to those limits to understand there is always that extra push that every single person has. THIS WEEK, MAKE IT HAPPEN! We wil tell you when we want you to get after in a smart way so you push pass normal comfortable pace. Anything above comfortable pace is close to REDLINE. Anything passed what you are physically and mentally capable of doing is not REDLINE is straight up DUMB. So understand that REDLINE is pushing your limits while still being aware of technique, people around you and your own health =)

        If anyone has ever any question of the madness of The Chad Attack please feel free to chat it up with me =) I love geeking out on programming !


        You all are probably thinking, what are we doing this week??? Well, one thing that fitness can be compared to is life. Sometimes you don't know what is going to be thrown at you and you have to be ready for anything, anywhere and anyhow. You attack it headstrong and you own it!!! This is week 3 of the chad attack open prep!!
LET'S GO!!!!!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I try tanning while I snatch hahah"

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DRS Strong Week 120: Training vs. Exercising!

"To uncover your true potential, you must first find your own limits and have the courage to work hard to get past them."

        We have had some fun in the last three weeks!! Between the max out weeks and deload benchmark workouts, I am sure some of you discovered there is a lot of skill and movements to cover. The only way to be proficient at them is to have a good foundation, patience and a lot of practice to develop the skill set you need to add work capacity. One of them is the handstand push ups, these take skill, balance, strength, patience and a good base of support. For a lot of you that have never even been upside down, it seemed that at the end of the week a lot of you were more comfortable with the position.  The beauty of any sport or any activity is that it takes time to develop, acquire and permanently have the skills to become "good". It is the hard work and the journey that is worthwhile and should be the most enjoyable. Like I mentioned before, when you think you have the programming figured out or your feet leave the ground a little too long, its when new movements and challenges will be thrown your way so you continue your growth and hit your potential. Once there, it is the reassessment of your skills that will determine what you need next. I have had several people come up to me asking when they should start doing two a days, or several workouts a day. Hold on to this as we read on about the differences on training vs. exercising... :)

The focus of this week is understanding the difference between training vs. exercising!

First and most the questions go to you first... Do you work out? or do you train? These are two very different purposes.

        The purpose of working out. if you work out, it means you show up to the classes to feel good, get a good sweat, socialize, work towards muscle tone, overall aesthetics, to get PRs, burn off the overeaten calories of the day before and want to strive for an overall healthier lifestyle. This is great and I am sure there is more to it when someone 's purpose is working out.  

ok now, the purpose of training.
        The purpose of training is indefinite. it becomes a lifestyle. It becomes what you do to achieve certain results and performances. you have to plan and balance your  social life ( if any), family, friends, etc around the training to achieve a certain goal. You learn as much as you can on recovery and you become very in tune of your body by learning the proper way of training, recovery and nutrition. You become a machine. You become what you eat and how you train. Your sleep becomes priority. You eat for fuel not for what you feel like. You (actually) your coach breaks down your training phases, cycles, and restoration periods. You can't be at everyones bday party and club outings because you have to train the next day. I said train not work out. You learn the balance between priorities.  Now, this is only some things that need to be done when you train but there are a lot of sacrificies that go into it. Whether is training for a sport or training for school, work, a new position etc. But there is a huge difference between training or working out (exercising). Now, not one is better than the other.
        There is going to be a point in your life where you might be transitioning from your training regimen to your work out regimen and it is all going to be about balancing everything to have success in your goals. I wanted to differentiate both because some people have this mixed up and that is why they are not being successful in any goals. Also, because here at DRS whether you are training or working out. We are going to give you the tools to choose either path and we will help you reach any goal, whether it is to " I just want to look good naked"haha  or" I want to make the Olympics in my sport".  Regardless of what you have in mind, we want to provide you with the necessary tools  but it starts with your own choices and your own priorities. Mastering the basics before wanting to do more volume. More volume doesnt mean better. Even when you have been doing this for quite a while.  So doing two a days or several workouts with no intensity or with "RXing" movements would be a bad idea. Skill work is different but doing too much of it and not doing it well also creates bad habits.
I go by this.

1)Move correctly
2) Be efficient
3) Move fast
4) Lift  relatively heavy if it applies.
5) add volume and keep above numbers
        In that order. If you move right, you will be efficient, once efficient then add speed (intensity), once you accomplish those, then add weight, which will put you back to number one. Move correctly and so on! There is no way of starting at #5, because it will hunt you down and force you to go back to #1.
It is simple and effective.
       NOW lets get ready for the new Chad Attack phase- THE OPEN PREP! You will drill the get very good at work capacity, barbell cycling, getting heavy lifts in short period of times and gymnastic movements!

Here is a video for more insight if you haven't had enough :)


Stay strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

" Sometimes I tend to oversmile in pictures like chandler in FRIENDS hahaha"

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DRS Strong Week 106: Quickies DO NOT work for longevity!


       The Chad Attack FALL Series have started!! This is the perfect time for all of you to tune up your technique, maybe add the weightlifting class or just show up a bit more for the next 8 weeks before the holidays come in. Athletic skills, strength, power and uncomfortable but fun workouts are in the works during this series. THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: IT IS NOT A QUICKIE!!! hmmmm what does that mean? Here is a video on explaining how everything eventually becomes long term, whether you do it right or you don't it will stick to your memory to your physical appearance and to your overall health. Build Solid foundation blocks for longevity!

Top Scores:

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes there are ninjas working out at DRS haha"

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DRS Strong Week 105: 5 reasons why you should be doing Gymnastics type training


        We are approaching our last week of The Chad Attack cycle and we must say it has been a heck of a good summer for everyone. We have seen great improvement on movement, learning how to be more efficient in different workouts, PRs in different lifts and CrossFit benchmarks, and progressing in overall skill of gymnastics. We will begin next week with another dose of The Chad Attack Fall phase for the next 6 weeks. This will include a variety of athtletic skills, gymnastics skills and strength. THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK is to DREAM BIG!
A lot of us never thought certain things can be possible until you work so hard they actually do happen. It starts with wishing, dreaming and doing.

        We have started our new cycle of gymnastics! We are excited for everyones PRs on their rope climbs and handstands. Let's keep them going!

Here are 5 benefits of Gymnastics Training that some of you have already attained by coming to the classes :)

First let me identity GYMNASTICS!
        GYMNASTICS is a sport involving the performance of sequences of movements requiring physical strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, gracefulness, and kinesthetic awareness, such as handsprings, handstands, split leaps, aerials and cartwheels. It developed from beauty practices and fitness used by the ancient Greeks, including skills for mounting and dismounting a horse, and circus performance skills. (Springfit)

        GYMNASTICS for everyday people does not have to include vaulting, dismounting a horse but more the BASIC movements that we are born to do. MOVE YOUR BODY THROUGH SPACE AND NATURAL RANGE OF MOTION. Everyone should be able to do pull ups, push ups , squatting and pressing in full ranges of motion as well as being able to carry their bodies in different angles in space, pretty much bodyweight training.

5 BENEFITS TO BODY TRAINING: ( these are only few of them)

1. Mental Focus and Concentration
When training gymnastics, it takes high concentration and focus to really engage your brain and connect it with your body movement. Gymnastics helps tremendously in learning how to be one between your body and mind. BODY AWARENESS, understanding how your body is moving through space and where its at in different positions.

2. Discipline
Moving your body through space is challenging enough. Having the discipline to do so over and over again is even more challenging, but it also does teach you patience to see the overall progress of movement as you take the time to learn the skill. The time required to master the fundamental skills requires a great amount of patience, dedication, perseverance and planning. Regular gymnastics therefore helps people learn to work hard for objectives that can take years to achieve.

3. Strength
Gymnastics training will give you the strength gains in a very different way then lifting weights. Body weight strength is important because there is no external load you need to move but yourself. This achievement is given to us at birth but we tend to lose it overtime. Gymnastics builds overall strength!

4. Flexibility
Flexibility is a big factor in gymnastics. In order to achieve the various positions needed to perform moves, suppleness is of vital importance. Increasing flexibility can also be an effective aid to the reduction of injury, preventing people from forcing a limb to an injurious range of motion. By learning movements and combining them in a routine, the gymnast can attain greater flexibility and greater control of the body.
Participation in gymnastics helps the athletes become more flexible. Baseball players, basketball players, football players and all other sports need more flexible athletes. Gymnastics builds flexibility better than any other sport which can help limit injuries.

5. Health
Gymnastics moves themselves are designed on a progressive scale to allow further development to make them harder and more intricate. With each level achieved through suitably planned training, participants are able to improve their joint health, maintain muscular development and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Top Scores:

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

"Sometimes I do ballerinas on my bike hahah"

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