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CrossFit is a program designed for any individual who is committed to live a healthier life. The scalability and modifications in this program make it safe to apply it to anyone from children to elderly. It is a combination of high intensity functional movements related to everyday life. You will be doing strength, gymnastic, power and body weight movements to increase your general conditioning.
The programming is a combination of strength and conditioning with The Chad Attack method that provides a wide range of fitness components to not a specifically be good at something but to be broad and generally good at everything! Your strength will go up but so is your mile run and so are your gymnastics and so are your aesthetics ! As we go through the cycles we do have an emphasis long enough for adaptation but not long enough for routine :)
Our passion has always been understanding body mechanics and the beauty of the human nature. We have been training and mentoring people to become the best they can be whether it is a personal goal or it is to reach the highest level of performance. Our goal is to give back and help people feel healthy, happy and live with a purpose daily. We use this fitness powerhouse to provide a home for those who desire to better themselves in all aspects of life.