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Olympic Lifting


Weightlifting is quickly gaining in popularity in the US, due in part to the massive popularity of CrossFit. The sport of  weightlifting has been in existence for many, many years, and has been more popular in other countries for quite some time. We are now seeing a great surge of interest in the US. It's very important to find highly qualified instructors in order to learn the movements properly and safely from the beginning. Our coaches are trained and certified and have studied the movements in order to train any level of athlete, whether they are using Olympic Lifting for a sport in itself or as an effective addition to strength training for their specific sport.

We offer two different programs:

The perfect option for those who love the training style at DRS but who would like to spend extra time training the Olympic lifts.  The programming will go hand in hand with the daily classes.  The DRS Weightlifting club will take your lifting and strength to the next level.  

Competitive TEAM:
The DRS Weightlifting team is a competitive weightlifting team who trains specifically to compete in the sport of Weightlifting.  A comprehensive programming that covers all aspects of the sport of Weightlifting including periodization, mobility, and recovery.

If you are looking to incorporate more sport specific strength and power see our Sports Performance program.

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