DRS Athletics is an official USA Weightlifting Club, with a head coach with over 15 years of coaching in the sport of Olympic weightlifting. DRS Weightlifting focuses on technique, speed, and power in the movements of Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

We offer two different programs. Recreational: Perfect for those who love the training style at DRS and would like to spend extra time training the olympic lifts. Competitive Team: the DRS weightlifting team is a competitive weightlifting team. Enjoy comprehensive programming that covers all aspects of the sports of olympic weightlifting including periodization, mobility, and recovery.

Program Information & Benefits:

  • Specific Class times for weightlifters.
  • All Classes coached by Owner and Director of Training Rosario Aguilar
  • Programming designed in alignment with DRS Chad Attack Programming.
  • Extra Strength Training
  • Specific Programming to taper into any Weightlifting Competition.
  • Outside homework assignments given based on weaknesses of each Athlete.

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- Team DRS

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