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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 17 February 2017.


THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS: Take care of your fitness by using it! One of the hardest things for people that want to get in shape is to start training. So let’s just say that you are already into a good routine and your training program is going well. HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR FITNESS?
I will give you 3 simple things you can do to make sure your fitness is not suffering once established.
If you haven’t start, then hopefully this can help you to get you GOING as well!

YES we all like to look good naked right? WELL WE LIKE TO LOOK GOOD IN CLOTHES AS WELL. So pick something you haven’t been able to wear either because is too big, or too small and hang it where you see it daily. Make it a point to see it everyday and give yourself a timeline that you will put it on and feel very good about it.

Being healthy is not just drinking supplements and working out. Being healthy is using your fitness to help you make changes in your life that can prolong or help you have QUALITY OF LIFE.
For example: Use your fitness to motivate you to stop putting so much sugar in your coffee, or to help you drop that SODA a day or maybe instead of a glass of wine every dinner, you drink a protein shake haha! But you guys get the point. Healthier choices!

3. SOCIAL: You can use your fitness to partake in recreational sport leagues, or go to the beach and play volleyball with your friends, when maybe before you were not as comfortable in those settings. GO OUT AND DO PHYSICAL HOBBIES! This helps you be around different kinds of people and expands your horizons.

Using your fitness is not only about the gainz and how much weight you can lift ( eventhough we all love that) but its about using the strength, flexibility, stamina to do other things with family, friends, work, etc. Grow the best OAK TREE for your own body and USE your fitness to live life to the fullest 🙂

This week the CrossFit Open workouts begin!!! and we will be doing them in all the classes fridays for the next 5 weeks! We have been preparing in various uncomfortable workouts through out the year and very specifically in the last 6 weeks. We hope to see a lot of you guys register regardless of where you are in your fitness ! Let’s have some fun and LET’S USE OUR FITNESS WE WORK SO HARD TO GET!!!


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Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

“Sometimes the sacrifices made are well worth every second of your time” Thank you all that come and support any of the DRS events, comps, etc! We appreciate you beyond words 🙂