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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 05 April 2015.

“If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.”

Week 27 was full of max efforts and some benchmark testing to truly test some of the physical skills we are helping you build. Some of those were strength endurance, stamina and power. These three are very different on how they work and how they are developed. Our purpose is not to be specialists in one category, these can grow independently from each other at the same time. One might ask, well would I get stronger if I just worked on strength? Absolutely! But we are trying to build your engine, making you strong, powerful and more skilled when it comes to athletic movements. This week we are still testing your work capacity and engine to begin the new cycle next week. Eventhough week 27 was not a true MAX OUT WEEK, in some senses we did test you in some lifts more for reps than true 1RM (repetition max). Everyone should be proud for their own numbers and how well their technique is improving! Patience in a lot of the lifts has allowed your growth and the coaching to be very enjoyable! =)

I also wanted to take the time and talk about our FIRST BEACH WOD!! The turn out and feedback was great and we couldn’t be happier to see a lot of faces show up and get sandy while training hard in the team environment! We will be doing more of these and add other fun outdoor activities! DON’T forget the contest on the DRS Strong Baseball TEE! Post why you are DRS strong and get creative and don’t forget the 5 hash tags we asked for =)

Liquid Chalk should be on its way so we can all test it out together, I have not forgotten about the CHALK blog haha I will be releasing this blog as soon as I gather more information and get more tech savvy with videos and such =) Thank you for your patience and for being open to get your grip stronger in every way!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong

Coach Rosario