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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 13 July 2015.

” The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person’s determination”- Tommy Lasorda

This week’s focus is all about determination! it ties in really well with our previous blog about Mental Strength DRS Strong Week 41- Mental Strength. The chad attack is on week 7 and it is funner than ever starting off the week with FRAN and ANNIE! This will test your work capacity, PERIOD. But it will also test your will and determination to continue pushing through mental barriers, physical and pain levels. I would love for everyone to literally give your max effort in both of them and knowing when the clock runs out, you gave it your all with the best technique and mental approach possible. Push each other and encourage one another to go through this week with a determined mind to do the best everytime you walk into DRS. If you are struggling, you know someone next to you is as well and we rise together, we push each other and we care for one another. Every work out becomes a battlefield and who are you going to share it with?? NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND!
Tackle each workout, each movement, each rep with a purpose! Be your own critic on quality reps and work your mind just as hard as you work your body! We will take care of the rest =)
PURPOSE, DETERMINATION, MINDSET and COMMUNITY! ( you probably can feel how pumped I am for this week haha) You all deserve and have earned the workouts so do it for yourself and the amazing community we are building here!

Ok now that my heart rate is getting leveled haha…For those that attended Pomp’s Snatch Clinic, make sure to share what you learned and what you took away to your fellow teammates to continue growing in such positive sport! It was honestly really refreshing to see a lot of you getting out of your comfort zone and utilizing the tools to move better in such technical lift. All of us coaches were pretty pumped on sharing the battlefield with all of you that day too!!! We will be snatching Wednesday for you guys wondering! I hope you took away from Pomp, the importance of technique and quality reps, I think that was quite a familiar term around here haha! Let me know if you have any questions about it or to clarify anything 🙂

Such great group! Great job everyone. More pictures coming soon!!!

Ok go tackle this week and remember the better your approach, most likely the outcome will be a even better one as well!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

” I will travel the rest of the world on my feet one day and do handstands haha =)”