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DRS Strong Week 9- How is breathing important?

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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 22 December 2014.

“If you really want to change something, you will find a way. If you don’t you will find an excuse.”
MAX OUT WEEK was amazingly INSANE!! And we couldn’t be more proud! Every single athlete at DRS brought it!
Lets break down what happened during max out week.

Thank you for all the feedback on the DRS Strong Programming and the way you all tackled every single day of testing J

Okay, here are some fun stats for all of you
-Monday: 40 PRs and 3 PBs (personal records and personal best)
400m runs dramatically decreased from three weeks ago!
-Tuesday: we had 3 guys at 170lbs on strict press and one only doing the programming for 5 weeks. 3 females over 100lbs!
how about them pullups? Awesome work on those for some of you it was your first time doing unbroken pullups! And sit up challenge at 199 for both Kelly Hall and Alicia Domercq .

-Wednesday: 5 guys over 300lbs, 1 male at 425lbs Mr. Professor and 5 ladies over 200 lbs deadlifts!!! Alejandra Sanchez with 275lb deadlift!
-Friday: Overhead squats are probably my favorite but yes very challenging strength movement. Every success is a great one no matter how small it might seem. 4 ladies that started with the PVC pipe went over 55 lbs!! Which is huge! This shows better mobility, flexibility and strength as well as balance.

These are 10 things that summed up the week.
1. You are all an example of hard work and dedication. You all show up every single class with a mindset of getting better and doing the best you can for that day.

2. Thank you for being so coachable and having a mind like a parachute, it only works when it is open J
-As coaches we couldn’t asked for a better community that is encouraging to each other and that listens and is willing to learn and better themselves

3. No egos, just hard work and consistency
-There are no shortcuts in life, everything comes with smart and hard work

4. Team environment and support every single person maxing out
-We are all a family and we take pride on every single person that works hard and creates a positive environment

5. Thank you for letting me put you on the spotlight and take videos of you
-We like capturing moments J

6. Keep expanding and keep getting progressively strong.
-Everything takes time to develop and building a strong foundation is what is all about

7. Learn from this experience to do better next time
-Stay hungry and always strive for more, assess what you did and didn’t do and go after it next time

8. Patience is a virtue and it all comes with being proactive
-Plan, assess, replan and execute

9. Set goals and use the tools to make them happen
-We are here to help you reach any goals, as consistency is the key

10. Science works.
-Follow the plan, recover and fuel your body
Week 13 and 14 will be focused on de-loading and doing some fun benchmark workouts to start the year back on our new percentages and next cycle! Bring on the Olympic lifts!!
Stay Strong!

DRS Strong,
Coach Rosario
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