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DRS Strong Week 16- What is The Chad Attack?

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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 11 January 2015.

“ A hero is an ordinary individual that finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” –Christopher Reeve

Let’s just talk about Squats on Monday (week 15)… It was HARD. It was mentally and physically challenging and at times almost impossible. You all probably wondered why are we doing this? Let me explain a bit the reason behind it and what it is meant to do in the bigger picture.

After de-loading and having some gaps in the programming because of the holidays, we came back and actually started the new phase which I like to call, “ The Chad Attack.” What is “The Chad Attack?” It is a combination of linear progression strength and lactate threshold training combined. It is not like any template you might find; it is something that I have developed after several years of trial and error research. Showing that methodic programming works.

This phase needs proper loading and recovery in order to see the long-term benefits. What we will be seeing with this phase is the increase of overall strength and submaximal strength. It will also help you increase work capacity and endure the demands that several CrossFit workouts require.

Now, let me explain a bit on the percentages and certain sets and reps. Like in CrossFit, trying to achieve the RX (prescribed) weight or movements is a forever chase. When it comes to strength numbers, your body will eventually adapt to be able to “complete” the sets and reps at your designated percentage. I believe there is no such thing as overtraining if the programming is well balanced and recovery is smart. I purposely have different oscillations within the programming to create a stimulus and so that ROUTINE does not come and play =). ROUTINE is your enemy.

Keep on having fun and continue to push yourself mentally and physically. Recovery is just as or even more important than training, make sure to communicate with us coaches to better help you reach your goals.

Week 16 will be more varied since a lot of skills and fundamentals were introduced last week. This week you will be doing a lot of more practice on the components of Olympic lifts. These are very complex movements, be patient you will get better with time.

We all have specific goals we are working to accomplish but we also have some in common such as being healthier and stronger. Plus I hear beach season is around the corner haha, so keep working hard and get strong.

DRS Strong,

Coach Rosario