Building Better People

Huntington Beach’s Premier CrossFit Facility

Welcome to DRS Athletics, Huntington Beach’s premier CrossFit facility! We truly believe that we have some of the best coaching and programming around. At some gyms, once you know enough, you get left alone in the classes. However, here we push the standards even further and expect more and better movement from our more advanced athletes.

At DRS Athletics, our goal is to give back and help people feel healthy, happy and live with a purpose daily. We use this fitness powerhouse to provide a home for those who desire to better themselves in all aspects of life.

We know everyone is different, so we always do our best to accommodate athletes in all shapes and sizes. Are you ready to break out of your current comfort zone? Our gym and superb coaches will snap you out of it. With DRS Athletics’ programming options, literally anyone can CrossFit. Workouts are customized for your skill level, so they are challenging, yet not too far out of reach. And you’ll have fun each time you come in.

If you’re looking for a strong community of caring, committed people—plus great extras like a batting cage and a picnic table gathering spot—we’re sure we’ll quickly become your favorite place to WOD.

Kick fitness into higher gear.


DRS Athletics’ 6,400-square-foot facility is the largest in the Huntington Beach area—going well beyond the traditional CrossFit box to include Rogue equipment. If you like baseball and softball, we have a batting cage that is built right outside of our facility. Inside our facility, you will love our 2,000 square feet of turf. In addition, we have a community area with picnic tables where you can hang out before or after class. Here, we’re all about fun and inclusion, offering a safe, clean environment for everyone to feel welcomed regardless of experience level. No one gets left out of the "cool group," because here, we are all the cool group. Meet our people and test out our top-notch equipment. We’re a competitive gym, so if you want to raise your bar, you’ve found your place with us. Want a tight-knit family that caters to all CrossFitters? Step in and you’ll never look back.

  • Dave Cook

    The people that come here all get to be themselves. I have been nothing but impressed with the programming. I believe that this is what CrossFit truly is - having people be better and gain more personal strength, physical strength, and emotional strength.

  • Ann Ramirez

    I like DRS Strong because the people that come here are just amazing. You create friends. You create camaraderie between everyone around you. Programming here is definitely different than any other gym you would go to... You can do all kinds of different sport activities in a safe environment.