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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 22 August 2016.


Today we celebrate our 100th week of DRS!! OUR 100th BLOG! WOOOOOOH!!
First of all, we are very honored and thankful to be able to do this every single day and be touched by so many lives, so many inspiring stories, and so many superb human beings. WE ARE VERY THANKFUL FOR EACH ONE OF YOU AT DRS ATHLETICS!! Here is to another 100 weeks of fun, hard, inspiring, changing training days for the better! We really pride ourselves in giving the tools for BUILDING BETTER PEOPLE in all aspects of life, and we appreciate all of you for continuous faith and trust in this program.
The focus of this week is SETBACKS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY!!
If you have a goal in mind but happen to be in a setback, KEEP GOING!!! You might have to reassess the goal, but DO NOT take your eyes from them. You wouldn’t slash the remainding tires if you got a flat right? Then keep going regardless of any setback! It is temporary!! With that said, go conquer this week because yes it will be spicy but great workouts ahead. We have our 100s reps today, challenging movements tomorrow, wednesday with some heavy lifting, NEW GYMNASTICS week!!! ( Gymnastics GURU- Alicia Domercq will be coaching the 9am, and we finish friday and saturday with a BANG!!

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Tops Scores from last week:

We also wanted to wish Coach Erik the best in his next endevours! We will miss you and we thank you for all you have done and shared with all of us!! See you soon 🙂

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

“Sometimes you just have to climb the branches while in the jungle haha”