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DRS Strong Week 11- 12 weeks are born!

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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 14 December 2014.

“There are things you can control and others you CANNOT, grab the barbell and channel the inner feelings that help you push through and pass limits you didn’t believe you could.”

It is how you respond to situations and events through out life that gives you the edge to reassess and comprehend why things happened in the first place. It is when you get up and continue with a better focus and a purpose in hand!! Monday December 15th, 2014 will mark 12 weeks of hard work, dedication, challenges, ups and downs, paleo and nonpaleo, heavy days, spicy days and recovery sessions. It comes down to showing up that day and doing the best you possibly can for that day only. That is the only thing you can control.

Last week was a preparation mentally and physically to get you to perform and feel good going into this week. Your dedication and patience pays off not only with performance numbers but also with how you physically and mentally you feel now. This week will be about having fun, enjoying lifting weight you didn’t think you were capable of and shattering records that seemed impossible at one point in your life.

You all are already breaking records and ahead of the pack by getting up and showing up for you every day you are at DRS. Keep on building a better you and add on to that temple of yours that no one can build better than yourself.

Stay strong,

DRS Strong

Coach Rosario