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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 10 April 2017.

“Two things can define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.”

Some days you will feel like the hulk and other days you might just need an extra PUMP!! This week will test how proactive and patient you are with your movements.

THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS: Be proactive on what you are not good at!

Ok so what do I mean about how proactive you are being? For example, we all have certain movements that are more diffficult than others. Some come more natural because of our background, body type, past injuries, sports, flexibility and strength. So we tend to like the ones we are good at, which is totally normal. Now, the good thing is that you don’t have to program for yourself, so my job is to program enough variety to help you through different physical skills and prepare you for anything. Yours would be to do your homework and be proactive in terms of stretching, cooling down, working on mobility, and skills that you can do extra reps at home. 5- 10 minutes a day will create a difference when it comes to getting better in any specific movement or lift. Sometimes we don’t really know what to do to get better or if we are doing too much which is becoming counterproductive so make sure to ask so I can help the best I can.
All of this builds patience and gives you that extra PUMP you need those days when certain movements are truly a challenge! So let this week be the one you work on your PATIENCE while being PROACTIVE , we are here for you! It takes time to develop good quality movements =)


Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

“Sometimes… I am always watching hahah”