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DRS Strong Week 22 – The Chad Attack

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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 22 February 2015.

“Balance in life, like in body, is not given. We need to work for it.”

These past two weeks have been phenomenal in many different ways.First of all, the PRs were just very motivating and every single person contributed to the atmosphere at DRS.
What was your most memorable moment of the past two weeks??

It is so rewarding to see all of you accomplish things that you once thought were impossible or very hard. Now you are all grasping the reality of what it feels to be strong and in better shape. The hard work and dedication each person manages to put in is what makes every single person better. We are very proud to see each of you progress in a consistent, safe manner and become DRS Strong.

Here are all the lifts, running and other maxes we did. If you were there you will understand this pictures =)
Continue reading to see what is coming up these next couple of weeks!

Week #1

Monday 2/9/15 Front Squats

Tuesday 2/10/15 Strict Press

Friday 2/13/15 Overhead Squats

Week #2

Tuesday 2/17/15 Back Squat

Wednesday 2/18/15 Push Press

Friday 2/20/15 Hang Power Cleans

What is NEXT? We now start a different DRS Strong Cycle of The Chad attack. This will ALWAYS test you in different ways not only on max out weeks. What do I mean by test you? It means test you mentally, physically and it will make you grow in different ways as well as make you better in different physicalities. For example, power, agility, speed, stamina, etc. I will be writing in depth about 10 physical skills CrossFit and other skills DRS athletics provide within the programming. I will also be writing about CrossFit Competition and regular CrossFit methodology =) stay tuned!!

Stay Strong,

DRS Strong

Coach Rosario