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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 09 November 2015

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency lead to great achievements gained slowly overtime”-John C. Maxwell
First of all! Itโ€™s our 1 year anniversary!!!!!! DRS is very excited to celebrate with each one of you a year of health, fitness, community, camaraderie, PRs, life changing moments and many more! We could not be where we are with out every single person that makes this place special. It is amazing to see the progress of each of you as times goes by. The dedication, perseverance and consistency that is given day in and day out is unmatchable. We are only one year in and we have already come so far with all the athletes here. We have a TEAM. Every AM and PM class with individual goals but the hard work and daily effort shared as a team. We share high fives, PRs, stories, first timers, lactic acid, noodle legs, burning lungs, ripped hands, rainy runs, turf on our clothes, laughs on the picnic table, espresso shots, cleaning duties, quotes, Fran, but the most important out of all, the people we have here.
We strive for common goals, to be fit, to be healthy, to be stronger, to move well, to better ourselves in every single aspects of life. We strive for permanent, we strive for physical and mental strength, we strive to be a better version of ourselves, we BUILD BETTER PEOPLE, through fitness, through DRS!
Again, thank you each of you for making this happen! Building an elite group of people is challenging but it has been so rewarding because of the community here at DRS. Yes its only year one, and we are very happy you all are part of it! On to year two!! Woooooh!!!
Let’s look at some numbers from last week ๐Ÿ™‚ That was a great cycle!!! on to the next one to continue this momentum !!

Front Squat and 1 mile Run ( even on rainy days haha)


“HELEN” (my fave haha)

1RM Clean and Jerk

Okay now that I have calmed down a bit haha, we are starting a NEW CYCLE!!! THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK: DISCIPLINE!!
As I mentioned last blog, there are three things that are important on making a habit of excellence. DISCIPLINE, DRIVE and DETERMINATION. This week we shall focus on discipline.

DISCIPLINE is the spark that ignites the fire of a habit. Those fires need to be lit daily and discipline provides the source energy. It literally means to be a disciple for a higher purpose. By choosing to train hard everyday, you are choosing to be a disciple but not to the training itself, or looking good naked, or feeding your ego, but to fully committing yourself into a higher purpose in developing into a better human being and a leader.
Discipline starts by rejecting the uncomfortable and embracing the suck. Be comfortable in the uncomfortable and make a change. It doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort.
You already committed to training, now bring it up a notch by not just showing up but emerge yourself in the programming, in your teammates, believe in the process and understand that the beauty of things is that there are no shortcuts but long steady, hard working paths for what you deserve. Earned, not given.
Now that you are pumped and ready to take on this week!!! Let’s get to it, this week on Monday we will be doing our very first workout we did on a Monday we open, so thatโ€™s exciting for people that were here since the beginning how we have evolved! We will be using this week as the introduction of stimulus for our new 5 week cycle that will take us all the way until a week before Christmas for our max out week ๐Ÿ™‚ We all have to max out before Santa arrives haha! This cycle will focus on 1-3RM strength on our raw lifts like squats (all kinds, especially overhead squats), we will continue to build speed and work capacity ( mostly efficiency and steady speed), as we start the new year we will ramp up since the CrossFit Open will be here in February! We stay fit all year long =)
I will go into specifics next week about our 5 week cycle =) Remember the programming is a combination of strength and conditioning with The Chad Attack method that provides a wide range of fitness components to not a specifically be good at something but to be broad and generally good at everything! Your strength will go up but so is your mile run and so are your gymnastics and so are your aesthetics haha! As we go through the cycles we do have an emphasis long enough for adaptation but not long enough for routine ๐Ÿ™‚
For specific training or competition training we can meet and discuss what is needed =) Private Training Lessons

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

“Sometimes I feel like its christmas morning when DRS turns 1 year hahah”