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DRS Strong Week 7- Foot patterns and consistency!

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Written by Coach Rosario on 16 November 2014.

” Have big dreams, you will grow into them” –Anonymous

Week 7 has been a very exciting week at DRS Athletics. We have been on the DRS Strong Programming for almost two months and testing week turned out to be a huge success. We started the week with testing 10RM Front Squat and 2k row. It was very satisfying to see athletes go beyond what they thought was physically and mentally impossible. We had some great scores ranging from #205 lbs front squat to 7:29 sec on the 2k row.

We continued the week on Wednesday testing 3RM Deadlift as well as max effort midline tests. We had a top male Quentin Priddy getting 305 unbroken sit-ups and female athlete Kelly Hall at 325 reps.

We ended the week with 3RM OHS and as all athletes progress through this difficult movement, we see a lot of improvements in mobility and strength already. Why start on overhead squats instead of original back squats or even front squats?

One, you can get away having a deficiency in strength or mobility with front/back squats but not when you put a load overhead. Second, I truly believe that overhead squats test your strengths and weaknesses and being able to perform this squat will transfer in many other movements. The weaknesses exposed in this movement allow us to see what every person needs to work on. For example: very stiff and tight shoulders or stiff ankles will inhibit your ability to achieve squat depth without compromising form. This specific squat is one of the best movements you can do to improve posture, mobility and strength. We will continue to work on this movement as well as adding the traditional back squat and front squat.

One word of advice is to be consistent on your foot position every single time you do any kind of squatting. Whether it is wall balls, thrusters, front squats, back squats, goblet squats, consistent foot placement allows for muscle memory. Working the position every single time is key so when there is a new variable such as a load overhead or in the front rack position, you can now focus solely on the variable presented.

Next week we will be testing 5RM strict press and other fun athletic skills as well as going back to DRS Strong Programming. It is extremely important to track your records and to have specific goals set to be able to achieve them. For example: I want to be able to connect my toes to bar, or I want to be able to reach full depth on my squat without sacrificing my position, or even more specific than that. I want to focus on my left heel not to leave the floor every time I squat because it inhibits me from keeping a strong position for overhead squats, therefore I cant go up in weight. Goals that are specific and realistic can be attainable and have great success rates.

Everyone can be a master of basics to create a solid foundation for the temple you want to build and create. Do not rush progress, continue to be consistent and follow the plan.

Coach Rosario