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DRS Strong Week 8- Technique and Speed

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Written by Coach Rosario on 23 November 2014.

You have to get up every morning and say “I CAN DO THIS”

Every single morning you get a clean slate. You decide what you want to do with it. You have a chance to be that person you want to be. All it takes is self-motivation.

DRS Strong programming is to make you physically and mentally strong. Its purpose is to shape your temple and lay a foundation to build on. It allows the capacity to increase workload and intensity without sacrificing recovery time.

In this blog I wanted to make an emphasis on the importance of movement progressions and loading. We want you to succeed and want you to be able to do all the movements at the prescribed weight. The goal here is to help you reach those goals and guide you through the process. Also, our purpose as coaches is to provide you with the tools and scale or modify movements that will best help you get to the next step. I have to say that I am very proud of all athletes here at DRS because of how coachable you all are. Also every one has been very perceptive to coaching cues on how to move more efficiently and be technically sound.

How much weight to use is one of the most frequently asked questions in the fitness world. This is important because every single person is different and it requires strength and technique to be able to move a load from rest position. There are two very important variables that can help you determine what load to use, ultimately the coach will decide what load is best for each athlete.

1) Technique: Be a master of every single basic movement. By moving in the right patterns, your body and brain will adapt to those patterns and will allow you to get more efficient every time.

2) Speed: If you have mastered the technique in a certain exercise or movement, the next thing to go for should be speed, not weight. If you are able to move in the right pattern and increase the speed of the movement while continuing to keep the right form then you know you have achieved a different level of progression in that movement.

Depending on the exercise this is when you can begin to think about loading. Your body is now ready to take on a third variable: Load (weight). Now this is where the cycle starts all over again, with more weight you focus on technique and speed and so on.

There are a lot of different suggestions we can give you to help you achieve your goals and it can also be overwhelming to try and execute all of them during the movement. It is important to focus on key points during the exercise to be able to achieve the best movement pattern on a specific movement. Keep up the good work and strive for greatness each day you show up at DRS.

DRS Strong,
Coach Rosario