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DRS Strong Week 10- Quality Sleep!

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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 06 December 2014.

“The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need tomorrow”

December 15th will be our max out week. Every one has been working and putting in the effort and patience to be able to do the movements and finish the workouts. It is important to attend daily if possible on that week before Christmas to have a number on each of the strength movements to be able to calculate percentages for strength. Also, we will be testing your gymnastics, conditioning and your athletic abilities to keep you DRS Strong for the next cycle.

Each person has different goals for this month and we want to help facilitate them by providing you with a constantly varied programming but with a purpose in mind.
Continue striving and finish this year strong regardless of the holidays. It will give you a head start for the New Year. This week we will be getting prepped mentally and physically for the following max out week. The best thing to do is continue to do your best at getting quality sleep. Quality means uninterrupted sleep. As hard as it might seem, if life or work allows only for 7 hours of sleep, try at least have uninterrupted sleep by keeping the room cool, not watching or using your phone for at least an hour before going to bed and making sure your room is as dark as possible.

Remember, you ask your body and mind to perform like a machine; you also have to regenerate and take care of your engine. Recovery is key for any good performance, whether is at school, work or at DRS.
Keep up the great work, recover and fuel your body for a purpose!

DRS Strong,
Coach Rosario