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DRS Strong Week 21- CrossFit Open 2015

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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 15 February 2015.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.” –Rikki Rogers

There are three categories I want to emphasize for this week. Max out week #1 (last week), Max out week #2 (this week) and The CrossFit Open.

1. Max out week #1 last week was just phenomenal.
1RM on Front Squats- we saw the biggest improvement on this lift.

1RM on Strict Press- This is one of the most challenging lifts and will get better with time and progression. Gymnastics Thursdays help a lot on pressing and pulling strength. Do your best not to miss those!!

1RM on Overhead Squats- This lift (my favorite) was probably one of my proudest moments as a coach. We saw a huge improvement on technique and depth for most people. Some of you started with the PCV pipe and are hitting 65/70lbs now! This shows perseverance and consistency for all of you that show up! The mobility for most of you is getting a lot better and we can say we are very happy to see people rolling and stretching before and after class to have a better position in your lifts and movements! Great Job!!

2. Max out Week #2 is this week, focusing on back squat, push press and hang power clean!!!
-This week will be a lot of fun because they are three new lifts that for most of you have never maxed out on. Foundation is key for a longevity path.

3. The CrossFit Open starts at the end of this month.
What does the CrossFit Open mean?
The following link will explain everything you need to know on what it is. It is basically an online competition that any person can do to test their fitness and compare scores with people around the world. The workouts are released every single week, there are scaled and RX workouts so anyone can participate. We will be doing these workouts at DRS every Friday for every class.
Go and explore this link and watch the inspiring videos. It will also link you to the registration page!

We are really excited to have as many of you register and participate for The Open, now lets focus on this next week coming up to finish the maxing cycle strong!!

Stay Strong
DRS Strong,
Coach Rosario