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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 04 May 2015.


This week is about to get HEAAAVY on the strength portions because we are at 85% and also because it is the fourth week of The Chad Attack. Can everyone do it that has been coming consistently? ABSOLUTELY!! All you have to do is focus on warming up properly and cooling down as well to be prepared for the next workout. During the strength and work out portions, the main thing is to stay focused on mechanics and technique! This is going to be extremely important as the load increases. DO NOT LET YOUR TECHNIQUE GET SLOPPY! So high fives and strive for good mechanics 🙂

On another note, most of you probably already know but we are starting a DRS Strong Movement. What is it? It is a very exciting theme for all of us and all of you. We believe that every single member at DRS Athletics contributes to this movement by adding something special. It is a combination of character, respect, perseverance, commitment, being fluid, and resilient when it comes to life, work and training at DRS. Every single member here represents and it is a walking example our purpose about developing real strength and building better people. We did not necessarily make you like that but we hope to fascilitate and give you the tools to be the best you can be and to live a healthier enjoyable life. We started this movement by having some of our foundation members be part of the DRS Strong promo film which we would like to expand by eventually targeting all of you and sharing why each of you is important to this movement. It is about laying the foundation for the next generation to come and for those that are starting just like some of you did with a PVC pipe =). It is about being the influence everywhere you go and being the consistent DRS Strong athlete in everything you do. Inside and outside of DRS. We have great quality people here and every one has their own motivational story. So be prepared to share yours soon 🙂 Don’t be shy by starting out in social media haha!

Mr. Professor waiting to do his strict pullups-Filmed by Prince Productions

Now, Who had the best time at the Beach WOD this past saturday???? WE DID!! Here are some pictures from that day 🙂

Here are the Winners of Tug of War 2-0 Team DRS All Stars——“Dig in and HAMMER DOWN”-Erick Falessi

Here we have “best team spirit award” to Team Gary’s!! haha

“Sometimes you can’t hold your own teammate so that way you can flex”- Dave Cook hahaha

Of course the classic Hot Potatoe in Spanish haha ” La papa se quema” try saying that fast !!! haha
This is another favorite of mine because of everyone’s faces! or backs! TEAM DRS!!!!

“Suns out Lats out?”

Go check out the videos from the Beach Wod at our You Tube Channel 🙂

We will be having our max out weeks on May 18th and the week of May 25th so be prepared! 🙂 Next blog is about purpose of training, let me know if you want me to cover anything right before max out week =) for now,
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario

First time I saw myself at an ASICS Store..”is this real life?” hahaha