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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 14 March 2016.


We are on week 11th of The Chad Attack, and our 3rd monday max out. Today we will be doing Power cleans! WOOH haha! We should be seeing a very good improvement from the floor into our catch. The main thing we should focus on is to initiate our drive with our legs not our arms.
This week I am giving you 4 MAIN REASONS of WHY Squatting is so important, THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS to share these four reasons with someone you care about 🙂

1. Posture/Flexibility
-The squat is the most functional movement! We were born to squat, even if it doesn’t come easy to you now, but we all had great squats as babies! it is important to go back to our basics and relearning our functional movements that we use in everyday life. Start by squatting with no weight and progress into resistance training. It will help your posture and flexibility that is lost as we grow older.
Full range of motion squats not only add muscle onto your entire lower body, but they also improve overall flexibility and mobility as an added bonus by increasing the range of motion of your ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

2. Physical and Mental Strength
Strength is KING!!! Squats DO NOT hurt your knees or back if you do them properly with good mechanics. They actually help strengthen your musculature around your joints, tendons and ligaments. They also put strain in all of those but proper recovery helps aid the healing for those with previous injuries.
Unlike a deadlift that allows for brief rest periods when the weights touch the ground, squats force you to remain fully active throughout the entire exercise as you fight to not only grind out each rep, but to balance the bar on your back the entire time as well.
Combine that with the large number of muscle groups involved and the heavy weights that can be handled and this is one exercise where you’ll really need to buckle down and focus.

3. Reduce risk of injury
-This ties in with proper mechanics, you can strengthen various muscles around joints. Squatting is not only for your legs but it requires high stabilization of your core muscles. The majority of athletic injuries occur as a result of weak connective tissues, ligaments and stabilizing muscles, and squats help to strengthen all of these smaller structures to give you a strong and sturdy foundation that is less susceptible to injuries.

4. Improves core strength
– This touches home to me because of low back injury! If you do them correctly you can help all of those injuries heal in a proper way! If you do squats properly at a full range of motion, this can help regain strength through out your midline to keep your back healthy. It is like you build your own belt and create a strong abdominal wall around your core.

I hope this helps with understanding few of the reasons why Squatting is KING!
Check out the DRS Tutorial on Squats, once you can master the basics of squatting the next step is to add load on the front squat, back squat and overhead squat, remember we progress through the movement and the weight.

Here are the results for 3RM Front Squats from last week

DRS Fit Challengers, KEEP IT UP and continue making those strides for a healthier version of yourself!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario